Saturday, October 1, 2022

Blood Transfusions are deadly.

 Jehovah, the Creator of the universe forbids blood transfusions.

It is in the Bible, and if people don’t obey God’s Laws for health and life then they are not Christians.

James Arjuna's answer to How many Jehovah's Witnesses have died from refusing blood transfusion? How many JWs went against their teachings and allowed blood transfusions for their children? Were they disfellowshipped?

There is FAR MORE RISK OF KILLING YOUR CHLID BY GIVING THEM BLOOD than not giving blood: proven statistically by actual cases. And when the patient dies from the blood transfusion, that is not usually on the death certificate. “They died from complications in surgery” or whatever. The smart thing a parent would do is to refuse to put that poison in your child. This is why all of the latest training on doing major surgery is ALL about doing it without the poison of blood.

And if you live, you live in Jehovah, if you die you die in Jehovah.

A new perspective on best transfusion practices

bloodless surgery - PMC - NCBI

Not giving blood is the BEST solution to this problem. People heal much faster and there is a much better chance of living without the poison that your body recognizes as poison blood. Proven over and over by studies.

Adverse events related to blood transfusion

The REAL question is how many millions of patients have died because they were given a blood transfusion?

Opinion | My Husband Died of Blood-Transfused AIDS (Published 1991)

Wife describes husband's horrific death after he was given infected blood

Woman diagnosed as HIV-positive 3 years after husband's death

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Transfusion Recipients and Their Family Members

After death of St. Luke’s patient, review uncovers 122 issues with blood labels over four-month period

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How a mysterious ailment ended Eleanor Roosevelt's life

Infected blood inquiry hears evidence from woman who lost two husbands

Precautions and Adverse Reactions During Blood Transfusion - Blood Disorders - Merck Manuals Consumer Version

If you love your children, love your spouse, you would never allow any MD to put that poison in them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

What About the King James Bible?


I like the KJV of the Bible, and have been reading it for over 64 years, now. But I also know where all the evil king’s mistranslations are.

The language is obscure today, and I think I might be the only person left living who understand the idiom of this Old English. The evil Emperor Hadrian’s and Constantine’s Catholics kept the Bible in obscure languages also so that people would be at the mercy of Priests to “interpret” the Bible for them. How sick is that? And today, if you go to the “online Catholic Bible” it states that they don’t believe in the Bible but the Church has the authority on doctrines.

The King James was a tyrant. The records on hims, like most lying writers about the “valor” and “holiness” of kings is crap. He was, a power crazed, fear of loss, tyrant as all these old kings were. But you will not find the truth in any writing on these evil atheist kings who used religion as a power and control mechanism. “The sun never sets on the British empire!”; because “if you don’t do what the king says we will kill you. And if you don’t become a member of the kings religion we will also kill you. “

“If you don’t do what this “God installed King” tells you to do you will rot in some (fictitious) hellfire forever.” It wasn’t bad enough living under a tyrant, that people would just want to die and give up that horrible life, they were taught, from childhood (as it is today in Christendom) it was MUCH worse for them to die if they don’t conform to the king’s religion.

When I first read this crap in the KJV of the Bible, I started to notice that every contradiction about God, had this same “power and control” concept behind it. It is obvious to anyone with intelligence. And every contradiction in the KJV is easy to spot because it does not follow any of Christ’s actual teaching and it contradicts the rest of the Bible, which has the actual truth in it.

And, of course the King really liked the fact that God’s name be removed from his Bible. I think the “translators” must have slipped Psalm 83:18 and in about 6 other scriptures, in there and the king missed that one. They also put God’s name in Hebrew at the top of the title page of the first edition of the 1611 KJ Bible. With all the vowel sounds and consonants. “YEHOVAH” Clearly spelled out in Hebrew top dead center. And for those who are against God’s Holy name as “Jehovah” the original pronunciation of a “J” in English has a “Y” sound, as it does in many languages still today. Why are religious people so ignorant on this. It is so easy to research all of this.

When I studied with God’s Holy People, Jehovah’s Witnesses, I was told the NWT was crap and evil and other such “nice” comments on it, by these “rabid” believers. So, I asked them for any scriptures they did not like in the New World Translation and, as a research scientist (for most of my life) I researched the original meaning of the words in the oldest copies of these original language scrolls and codices.

It turns out that the New World Translation , is correct on 99.9% of the words and the context of the original meaning of each scripture. There is only two scriptures that have a slight variation from the original. “There is no “that one” in one scripture, but “that one” has no effect on the meaning. Most likely the word was “it”. And the idea that the “government” now and when it was written, was installed by God (the king is God's representative) is a direct contradiction to the rest of the Bible. But it is still a good idea to follow all the laws of any country you live in UNLESS they are a direct violation of God’s Laws. In those days of the Israeli kings, like David, they were installed by decree of God. But not in Paul’s day.

I have my doubts that that scripture is in the original writing of Paul. Because it contradicts:

“The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” And so that would say that evil emperors, kings, presidents, and all politicians are part of this evil system (and we don’t vote for them and support this evil system). Which from absolutely irrefutable evidence is that the majority of political people, are corrupt, greedy, mostly sexual perverts, and evil. And today with the internet you can do research on any politician and see if they are corrupt or not by the fact that over 1/2 of these congress people are multimillionaires on a salary of $165K a year. Hint; to live in Washington DC, in a nice area, on that wage puts you in a one or two bedroom apartment, unless you live in a slum area of DC.

And today, any politician who is a humanitarian, and supports the people of their country. Supports health, prosperity, and welfare of the average citizen (and not the welfare of the politicians and their cronies) is character assassinated or just plain killed, assassinated. The presidents who have been assassinated can be researched on their policies, and that is what you will find. Most people, today, actually believe the false news from corporate America, and never research anything.

And Jehovah’s Witnesses are allowed to have freedom of thoughts and freedom to live according to what they know the Bible teaches. And that is why Jehovah’s Witnesses are totally united in faith, and in ONE Truth. God is Love, Compassion, Mercy, and Justice, and we love the real God of the Bible, Jehovah, who would never harm anyone without Just cause.

The New World Translation of the Holy Bible is the best there is. It has the correct message from God and is easy to understand in modern languages. It is a pure gift from our Creator to have this.

Having the Bible in understandable languages and corrected to the original scrolls and codices makes it so that “false religions” cannot mess with your mind. Because if it is not in the Bible, it is most likely crap doctrines of false religions. So, Jehovah’s Witnesses, using ONLY the Bible are completely understanding it and are united in faith.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

What Convinces Me that the Bible is God's word?


The Bible is 100% accurate on everything. 

When I went back and studied the Bible as a medical science book and examined EVERY rule about how to live how to marry, how to raise kids, what to eat and what not to eat…………..every statement is backed 100% by modern medical, DNA studies, and understanding the cause of diseases, as well as the psychology of how to raise well balanced kids. It is clearly a message from the creator of our bodies.

And EVERY statement literally amazed me when I studied it as a science health book. This information on how to live healthy and happy could only come from the CREATOR who even made the principles of what makes us happy, and inculcated and infused them into our DNA.

Then these prophecies are ‘blowing me away” with accuracy.

Here is one which coincides with when Satan was kicked out of heaven in 1914 and horrible wars started and have not stopped sense.

Mark 13:7

Moreover, when you hear of wars and reports of wars, do not be alarmed; these things must take place, but the end is not yet.

Luke 21:9

Furthermore, when you hear of wars and disturbances, do not be terrified. For these things must take place first, but the end will not occur immediately.”

Matthew 24:6

You are going to hear of wars and reports of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for these things must take place, but the end is not yet.

Pestilence, which means pandemic and horrible diseases.

We now have more genetic diseases and the rise of new and old genetic diseases since 1914 has been over 7% per capita. That means that each 10 years the number of genetic diseases has risen by 7%, and all this data anyone can research. We have disease that the doctors were calling mental illnesses when they first appeared because these were not in any medical journal. I had a friend who was given psychotropic drugs for “genetic constant fatigue syndrome”, which they know now is an autoimmune disease.

There are plans for HUGE hospitals being set up on islands with low cost and no American medical standards. The idea is that “lay” people can be trained to do heart bypass surgery by training them to do only one part of the surgery then go to the next patient, another worker comes in and does the second part and so on. An assembly line surgery NOT done by doctors or nurses but by “factory workers”. This way a very expensive, life saving operation can be done for a couple grand $2000.

Same idea with all major surgery.

We are so sick that the yearly medical of the USA , all revenues for medical is over $5,000,000,000,000 Bucks. It is one of the largest business in the world. And according to Forbes it was 187,000,000,000 that's billion. Not 5 Trillion bucks.

1900’s we had the first “flu” ever that killed over 50,000,000 people and estimated over 75,000,000 not counted because of record and communication problems. The total killed so far is way over 200,000,000 because this flu has never left, it just keep mutating and the Chinese cultivate new version all the time by living next to pigs.

“Don’t eat pigs and don’t touch their carcasses” — Deut God said that. We know from sciecne that this pig virus has the “key” to our receptors on our cells, and so our cells “OPEN UP” as they are supposed to do for the original HUMAN virus which is used to clean up old cells. But this virus just destroys all cells it uses for replication.

“Don’t eat Bats, and don’t touch their carcasses” God said that.

Every hear of the COVID 19 pandemic also called the SARS COV2. The first one SARS COV1 (sudden acute respiratory syndrome) came in about 2003–2005 or so and killed thousands but nobody panicked on that one. People though it was just a bad flu.

The list of diseases humans have and pathogens is HUGE now. 18,000 genetic diseases with 1 in 9 babies born with horrible genetic diseases requiring lifelong treatments and many don’t even get to the teenage level of living. The fastest rising death rate is children ages 1 to 4 in the USA.

Childhood cancer is a disease that I cannot find on any death certificate in the 1800’s and now it is the number one DISEASE killer of children, second is genetic deformity, their is genetic heart disease and that is up by 200% in just 34 years. If this doesn’t stop we have less than 100 years before there will be no children, because they will not be able to grow in the womb at all. Right now 70% of wanted pregnancies in the USA according medical stats end in miscarriage.

Luke 21:11 There will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another food shortages and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and from heaven great signs.

Matthew 24:7 “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another.

USGS Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes
Between Magnitudes 6 and 8 Since 1900

Look at around 1914 when Satan was thrown out of heaven and woe to the earth.

Revelation 12:12

On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.”

Thursday, March 10, 2022

What about the LAW in the "OLD TESTAMENT".

 From the standpoint of Life, Health and Psychology, the principles of these laws were clearly about maintaining HEALTH, and not infecting the tribe with mutagenic pathogens or killing women with bacterial vaginosis.

And the WHOLE purpose of the Law of Moses was for the “covenant” with those who carried the “seed” of the Messiah. The purpose was to get the Messiah born and to be able to have true worship honored and restored, or else there would be no purpose.

When atheists read the Bible and state how much they hate God for killing all those “poor” people, we know they have no clue about anything, or what is actually going on even today on earth.

When God destroyed lots of people, I can guarantee you, they were infected, (and full of horrible diseases, hate, lust, multiple infections, and were dancing naked in the streets, raping babies and such), and that would never be allowed by Jehovah God to get near the seed of His son whom God was sending to suffer and die for our sins. Jesus had to come from the absolute best genetics found on earth at that time.

If I were God, as a scientist, I would find the best genes and put them in slavery with the Egyptians for some 430 years, too. The Egyptians would not have sex with the Jews, who were considered worse than pigs as far as they were concerned. It was a terrible dishonor to even want to have sex with them.

So, now we have the best genes available and we isolated them, gave them very hard work, and not such great food. If you want to remove all the weaklings and sickly Jews, that is how you do it. Only the strongest would survive and they did.

Later when the Jews were required to go and fight, they could swing a heavy sword for hours and hours and defeat anyone. Nobody could defeat them in battle. And the Jews ate a lot of meat, full of proteins and vitamins. This was unlike the not so high quality of meat we have today. They were a “bread” and “meat” people. And the bread was SO much better than what we have now.

As I was studying the Bible, it became clear that God is the ultimate MD, PhD, Doctor, Molecular Biologist, and Psychologist. Every rule can be compared to modern science as being 100% correct if you want life and health.

Just for example the “women” being separated during their menses. It is well known know that women and men living in not so hygienic conditions, as living in the wilderness in tents without bathing very much, one would (as a scientist) never want to have sex during mensus. And here is why, blood is about 8,000 to 10,000 times more H+ ions (pH of 7.4) than the vagina’s flora (pH of 2.7 to 4.5), the good bacteria which keeps them from being infected makes hydrogen peroxide as part of the enzyme process of this bacteria. It is designed by God to keep the area where children are made from being infected.

Sperm is 8.0 pH ( over 10,000 times more H+ ions). So when you put sperm and blood in the female area, you destroy the flora, especially in conditions where pathogenic bacteria is present. So, the women were required to NOT have any association with men for the time of the menses and at least one week after. And if a woman “smelled” not so good, she was isolated. They were “tested” afterwards by smell. If they smelled bad, most likely they were going to die from having sex during that time, and got a horrible infection.

As a scientist we do not compare them to modern conditions, where it is very common for women today to get BV but they are treated by MD”s with antibiotics and injecting good flora.

3000+ years ago there were no antibiotics and no cultured flora to help them. They just died. So, God’s mercy and love was shown by this isolation time to protect these women from dying.

And a recent study performed by a team of Doctors sharing research on women’s sexually transmitted infections, shows that women living in areas where there is less bathing get a lot more BV, and especially when having sex with uncircumsized men.

That women living in cultures with less modern toilets, and bathing facilities get 140% more bacterial vaginosis with uncircumcised men. So, today in Africa the WHO, has been sending “Circumcision Vans” around to villages to circumcise men. This is primarily because of the HIV / AIDS epidemic there. Trying to slow it down a bit.

As far as food goes. “Don’t eat bats, don’t touch their carcasses”. Every hear of the COVID 19 pandemic? This is the second bat virus coming out of China, the first was SARS COV1 and the official name of the current one is SARS COV2.

Same with pigs. “Don’t eat pigs, don’t touch their carcasses”.

God did not say; “Listen, if you eat pigs or bats, these creatures have viruses with the same “key” to our receptors in our cells and when this virus is even touched and allowed to enter your body, it uses your cells to replicate like crazy, about 1000 times faster replication than any other virus. This will kill most of you. So don’t eat bats or pigs and don’t even touch their dead carcasses.”

Instead God Said;

Isaiah 48:17

This is what Jehovah says, your Repurchaser, the Holy One of Israel: “I, Jehovah, am your God, The One teaching you to benefit yourself, The One guiding you in the way you should walk.

As a real scientist you can easily see that God’s love is contained in all those “rules” for life and health and specifically for the Jews who had the arduous task of being the “chosen” ones for the Messiah to come through.

It, literally, is a miracle that Christ actually made it to earth.

So, when Christ was born and made it to adulthood, he was the result of the Covenant Law the Jews had to live under. The purpose of the Law.

And today we know that we should follow Jesus’s Law of Love for one another, and not harm each other in anyway. And the rules about sex and cleanliness and not spreading STDs is in full effect, for real Christians. Only marry in the Truth and don’t get INFECTED so your kids will not get more genetic diseases.

Circumcision was no longer required for salvation, taking infected people and killing them is no longer needed because we are not Jews living in the wilderness with NO medical. Stoning an adulteress and adulterer is not required anymore because Christ was born and adultery is still forbidden but the reward is death forever, now as it has always been. Sinning against life and healthy is harming life.
And in Jehovah God’s New earth, no one will ever be allowed to spread diseases, destroy families with divorce, kill anyone, or cultivate and spread pathogenetics sexual diseases ever again. They will be instantly, mercifully, killed and removed from the earth.

Isaiah 65 states that if a man of 100 years old (considered to be a child), were to die, they would be “cursed” by God. “accursed” is the word used. Breaking the Law of Love and Life is a death sentence in the new Kingdom about to come.

For most people living in this New Kingdom the idea of even wanting to harm life will not exist in their being. The normal way of existing is to REALLY LOVE each other and NEVER HARM anyone ever as just he way of being. Sins will not exist in our hearts. Jesus came to help us remove all sins from our being, and we are to cooperate with that process by enduring to the end and NEVER harm anyone, ever. This is how one EARNS eternal life. You are given a free gift of life, but if you screw up, you lose it.

Matthew 7:21

“Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the Kingdom of the heavens, but only the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will.

Matthew 24:13

But the one who has endured to the end will be saved.

Matthew 10:22

And you will be hated by all people on account of my name, but the one who has endured to the end will be saved.

Mark 13:13

And you will be hated by all people on account of my name. But the one who has endured to the end will be saved.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022


We can see the results of sins in all of humanity.

Over 247,000 known ERV infections at the time of conception in total in humans.

Each human has some 98,000 infections,on average, causing mutated genes from these infections which have “reverse transcriptase” into each person’s genome. Each time a virus does this process of reverse transcriptase it mutates cells, permanently.

This is where all the inherited genetic diseases come from and why humans are gaining so many new genetic diseases that were unheard of even 150 years ago.

When people are born into this, they actually, think this is normal. They are told by parents that being sick is normal and having many defects in our bodies is normal. If this is normal, then we are extremely delusional. The evidence found in our ancestors tells a different story.

But we real scientists can do a deep study into this “problem” and go back in history and study just the rise of genetic diseases over the past 120 years and see a HUGE rise, in this suffering. Every 10 years a rise of 7% in new and existing genetic diseases.

So, one of the main sins is against our children by not following simple rules from God about how to reproduce. And how to stop ALL diseases.

Last count,( about 10 years ago when I stopped this research) we had 18,000 known genetic diseases that the fertility doctors are testing for, and we now have 1 in 9 babies born with horrible genetic diseases.

The idea of “free love” and “sex in any hole you want” goes completely against all of medical, and molecular (DNA) science and against Jehovah God’s laws of Life and Love.

So, a really good indicator of inherited sins, is in our bodies, and we have MANY emotional diseases, and physical defects and diseases that never existed even 2000 years ago. We have degraded more in the last 120 years than in the prior 2000, from this practice of sinning against life.

Every rule on life and health in the Bible has been proven to be 100% accurate if you want life and health.

I personally, took every statement from the Bible about how to live, and compared it with human genomic (DNA) studies, and the medical research journals on diseases. That is how I know the Bible is totally inspired by God. That God, keeps telling us in The Bible how to have health and better more well balanced children.

But humans are sinners and cannot seem to stop sinning against their own offspring. We now have a HYPER PANDEMIC of sexually transmitted diseases and it is worldwide. There are at minimum 34 of these mutagenic pathogens pass by sexual and even skin contact. As you know viruses have no conscience, and they only live by existing in “host cells” and then given to others by contact.

Even deep kissing by several medical journal articles passes these diseases, and along with them cancer and mutated babies. Oral sex is particularly bad these days at sharing some horrible diseases.

But people live in some sort of “bubble” of delusions and will do all they can to deny any association with sex and shorter lives, cancer, and a huge pile of suffering. There are no cures for a viral infection, it remains in your body and lies dormant until your immune system stops keeping it at bay. This is why many older, women in particular, get cancer as the mutagenic pathogen start to blossom.

I used to get angry when “Christians” said my “babies were born in sin.” Until I did the deep research into the cause of human diseases. And found that even in the embryo state, we can take a sample of DNA and determine which of the 18,000 and more genetic diseases our children will have. And every child is sick, with multiple genetic defects, from this process.

What we call a “healthy baby” is not even close to what the health of our ancestors had.

We inherit mental illnesses, bad eyes, bad teeth, bad bone structure, and very short lives from this.

And people are deeply delusional about this “longevity” concept. It wasn’t until the 1700’s when out of desperation with massive children suffering and dying that we invented the start of the medical industry. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

If were were to take a modern human and place them in London in 1600 without any vaccines, antibiotics, drugs, surgery, testing and medical treatments, they would not live even 2 weeks. Whereas, the average lifespan in London was 35 years working 18 hours a day and most worked from the age of 7 to the day they died. If you do not know the conditions in London then, I will give you some clues. No toilets they dumped feces and urine in the streets. No refrigeration, they ate partially rotted foods all the time. No bathtubs and basically no baths. They smelled very badly. There was no medical other than “bleeding” and cutting off rotting limbs at the “barber shop”. The lived in squalor. The sailors said you could smell London from 100 miles out to sea.

We gained in longevity, by only “artificial life support from medical”, but not in intelligence, because about the time of WWI people became sex crazed more than ever. Women started to be freed from “religious” ideas and started to get more and more infected from pathogens and at the same time cultivate NEW viral pathogens from this process of the viruses themselves mutating. And in the 1960’s young people were really sex crazy, and we see all the porn theaters and all these sex clubs and so on. The complete lack of morals comes from this modern sexual compulsion.

And in my studies I found that animals (our cousins) are very sex crazed and they are going extinct. I think it is some sort of animal instinct to have sex all day long trying to reproduce. But the Chimpanzees are rapidly going extinct, and so are humans.

The process of being sex crazed and having this huge number of mutagenic pathogens destroying our offspring’s health is a form of genetic suicide.

We have no chance to ever attain any health at all, with this process of mutating our babies with new diseases every generation. And doctors cannot help you. There are no cures for all these viruses. After much research they finally found a way to remove one virus (hep C) from our bodies by a very expensive treatment that also has some bad side effects.

IN 1800’s to 1900 according to DNA studies on dead and living people, there was about 2 to 4 deleterious mutations each generation (about 20 years). Today it is between 20 to 40 bad mutations per generation.

The EXTREME rise in autism and Childhood cancer is a good marker on this process of human genetic suicide.

There were NO recorded cases of a child dying from cancer even in the 1800’s.

Now it is the number one disease killer of children.

Increase in Childhood Cancers - Rodef Shalom 613
Related: Vaccines and Cancer

When you look at this chart below, consider this. If a child dies after five years from the time of diagnoses with treatments they are considered to be cured. 2 years of extra life is a “cure” according to medical. 5 years is considered a “cure” for adults. This is why charts can be so deceptive, because modern humans even doctors are not able to deal with reality.

So, is there any HOPE for humans? Yes, it comes from God’s Word the Bible. It states that God will fix this mess and restore health. But only a very few are finding life, because they cannot overcome their sins. In the new “government” ruled by God, nobody will ever be allowed to sin against life ever again. They can’t because God will put them to death immediately with no chance for life.

This is why people who want life, need to come into the Truth of Life and learn how to be acceptable to live on an earth where no harm will ever come to any human again. Where there will be NO sinners, no haters, no war, and no more human stupidity. But all will be joyful, happy, and live in peace. This is what the entire Bible is about, how God has this process going on to save as many people as possible, and bring them back to full health and vigor.

If you want life and full vigor and health, then contact Jehovah’s Witnesses and learn the REAL requirements for repentance and salvation from God, as found in the REAL Bible, from the oldest copies of the scrolls and codices. (not the “king’s” pagan version of the Bible).

Isaiah 33:24

And no resident will say: “I am sick.”

Isaiah 48:17

This is what Jehovah says, your Repurchaser, the Holy One of Israel: “I, Jehovah, am your God, The One teaching you to benefit yourself, The One guiding you in the way you should walk.

Revelation 21:4

And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”