Friday, December 11, 2015

Why? And What IS the ANSWER.

Every body has a very short sickly life, in case you have no eyes to see?  Somehow this idea that being treated by doctors (artificial life support) and then dying at some young age of 80 is "normal"?  How is it possible for people to believe that? 

What exactly is wrong with my statements? If you can correct me using scriptures and actual physical evidence, would be fine.  The loving thing to do is to tell the Truth.

The scientists and doctors have no clue why human age.  Not a clue.  They can see the results of aging, like shorter telomeres in the chromosomes and cell replication becomes screwed up.  But they have no idea the cause of this. 

Without Jehovah, that is your reward.
It is our inheritance from all the sins we got from our ancestors: death.

When people are so degraded that there is no hope for them and they have no signs of having any eyes to see with, you have to let them go, and according to scriptures you have to tell them it means life or death that they get this right. 

The wages of sin is death.

That is why we die from some 17000 genetic diseases we inherited from our ancestors who were just as stupid to cause fetal mutations in offspring as we do now.  Germ line mutations are caused by diseased lifestyles.   Only now it is 10 times the speed of acceleration of the numbers of new diseased every 30 years..

The Truth becomes more obvious to some (very few according to scriptures) people, but you have to tell them what it is. Then when crap happens they realize I was telling them the Truth.

If no one ever tells them the Truth, then when crap happens, they have no clue and are even more lost  and confused living in despair. 

I am a scientist so I deal in evidence and facts to back up what I say.

People are so stupid today that they are ground into this idea that living for 80 years and being sickly needing medical aids all along is "normal".   That this sickly body, is somehow "good".  It breaks easily, catches every new virus there is and dies very young.

There is nobody I have met over 80 who said being old was "so much fun".   Normally it is; "Old age is not for wussies."  And they will all tell you their life was extremely short.  

Yet they want life. This is because life was instilled in us at the beginning.  As the Bible states;  "eternity is in their hearts". 

Death is not normal.  Death is part of our diseased existence in which we have defied God for thousands of years.  

It started with Adam and Eve who decided they wanted to "be like God and know good and evil".  

Since then the "good" has waned and the evil has taken over, obviously.  Even worse people are so degraded they think that "evil is good".    

According to medical doctors, modern humans, especially, white Caucasians could not live in the wild with no technology, no medical, no vaccines, no antibiotics, no drugs, no surgery, for more than 15 years.  And massive deaths of children with no vaccines. 

The merciful and loving thing to do is to point out these facts to people who are living in some fantasy world of delusion put there by lies and lying to themselves.  And so many "well meaning" people who say they love you, but are ignorant as a box of rocks. 

This includes all of Christendom, Academia, and those who follow all the lies of this rotting world.

And the way out is very easy, once you realize how messed up this all is, it is easy to stop doing the things that destroy life and join in with Jehovah's Kingdom. 

You see Jehovah is setting up a new Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven. It is happening right now.  All of the prophesies of the Bible show this, and my evidence shows that humans don't have long before extinction. 

No one who promotes, disease, suffering and death will be allowed to live in God's new Kingdom.

The sins (compulsions and desires) that bind us to everlasting death can be removed by the Grace of Jehovah through the Death of His Son.  This shows amazing love of Jehovah God for us.  We certainly don't deserve any of it. 

Jesus came to remove your sins so that you may live.  Not for you to continue to sin and die.

It means your eternal life, or your eternal death that you learn to stop destroying life out of ignorance.
Every sinful action is associated with disease, suffering and death.  
If you want to live, all you have to do is to ask Jehovah to save you with all your heart and soul and mind. Then have convictions that you want to align with Jehovah's Laws for life, and not listen to the emotional baggage in your mind. 

If you want eternal death, you have that as the reward of the gift of our ancestors who followed Satan's ideas of "religion" and "good".. 

The Bible is the inerrant word of the Living God, Jehovah.  It has the information to save you.  Nothing else does.  I know I have been to the most revered places on earth and they all Teach from the Bible. Even the Siddha Masters of India, a lineage that goes back 6000 years.