Friday, May 31, 2013

Science is NOT a Religion!

Evotard training is worthless nonsensical garbage as far as I can tell from examining the evidence for the last 47 years.

Morons of paleontology (a religious art) catalog creatures based on appearance of broken distorted rocks (petrified fossils with no DNA to test). That let's them be free to make nonsense up based on faith and belief, rather than any form of objective reasoning. The poison in their brains is faith and belief that has been handed to them by the teachers of this paleontology religious nonsense.  They are just one example of the tragedy of human delusions. One can easily see that having no tissue to sample DNA on, lets their imaginations go wild. And they actually believe you can date the strata, the ground around a fossil and that it is "real science".

How is it possible for people to be THAT gullible and stupid.   It is obvious that this comes from genetic degradation. The facts are in; humans are a degraded species and rapidly heading for extinction in less than 500 years at the present rate of absolutely clear evidence we find in DNA that we will be gone as humans, and will join our cousins the great apes and become retarded sickly animals just struggling to survive until we go extinct.  This is what humans want.  It is not what I want, but it is the nature of humans to be self destructive as a species.  It is the nature of humans to allow compulsions and sexual perversions to ruin human life.  We can't seem to stop this and each generation seems to want to find new ways to validate our disease prone lifestyles.

Evotards are insane in the most fundamental meaning of the word. These are the modern witch doctors who make up a religion on the bases of what they want to see, and project that vision of delusion on the world.

Ignorance is the cause of all human suffering. You can trace every disease, every war, everything that is wrong with the world to scientific ignorance. Teaching people that magical BS is "science" is disgusting and causes children to suffer.

It is easy to get away with religious beliefs when the priests and  priestesses of the religion (the professors in the universities) are the keepers of your imaginary fantasy and teach this crap to the retarded populous, who like it because it allows them to spread diseases like crazy and to destroy any possibility of human life.  No one can touch them because you are protected by and surrounded by believers called teachers.  The more support one gets for their delusions, the more difficult it is to get free.

When new specimens come along that destroy the prior religious "truth" of Evodelusionism, they just get together and adjust the religion and change the data on the specimen to fit the belief. This has happened on just about every specimen I have studied. These religious nut cases, simply are in charge of the nut houses, the universities.

This is exactly how Evotards are mentally destroyed by the process of "education".

I agree that Evotards are degraded humans.
We have genetic (over 1,000,000 studies on human DNA) evidence that modern humans are dumber than in the past, and the fact that this dumb religion of Evodelusionism is so prevalent is just more evidence of human degeneration.  Intelligence and objective reason are RARE.

Dr. Gerald Crabtree a renowned geneticists and professor of genetics at Stanford University states that
"I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues. I would also make this wager for the ancient inhabitants of Africa, Asia, India or the Americas, of perhaps 2000-6000 years ago. The basis for my wager comes from new developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology that make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile."

It is far easier to "educate" a stupid emotionally, sexually hormonal, person who cannot think for themselves, teaching them the are "smarter" than dad or mom (teens like that idea). All the Evotards I have had discussions with; very few even have the ability to think outside the tiny box of faith and belief in their "Education". They just all sound like parrots of ignorance and most do not know how to produce an original thought, much less even think there is such a thing as an original thought.

So, because of your religion, you are going to allow all the future generations to be destroyed by lust and greed?

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

If this is not your morality, then you are a sociopath.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Big Pharma and Monsanto Love Evolution.

At the present rate of fetal germ line mutations, we will not last even 1000 years. As we go down this path of rapid genetic degradation because of greed, lust, and compulsions, we will simply have a lot more suffering, and as we continue to retard suffering in total ignorance with no understanding of how to reverse this decline of humanity. After a time, we will no longer have technology, that we depend on, because we will be too retarded to understand it.

Evotards support the rapid rise in genetic diseases. You can see now that 110,000,000 cases of STD's in the USA and most are ages 14 to 24. That is a pathetic declaration of ignorance. When you ask the retarded and money grubbing big medical industry the cause, they go, "its magical". "we don't know". They don't know because they are afraid to look at what they are doing.

Big pharma, Monsanto, and the industrial military complex, banks, Mortgage brokers, lawyers, and any corporation likes to have people with no morals. It is far better to use people who don't have any concerned about other people, or consider people as sheep for the wolves to just "eat" and victimize. It was called "predatory lending" for a reason. You will notice that none of the Wall Street bankers went to prison for their evil parts, instead they received money from tax payers, government loans from China, to bail them out.
Under the guise of "we have to do it to saver the US" or some BS.

I know that most people I am trying to communicate with are stupid, but you cannot all be THAT stupid. What I teach is from absolute evidence, clear as can be. If Evodelusionism were not profitable for these huge greedy companies, it would not be taught. As it turns out not only does teaching it improve big pharma's bottom line, it has given it a rapid rise of sick people, and that is good for business. $599,000,000,000 a year business. And you think it is "science".

140% rise in cancer in the US in 36 years. 229% rise in 25 years in Australia, 140% rise in cancer in the UK with 173% rise in breast cancer. Where do you think cancer comes from? Magical causes or from STD's destroying our fetuses and giving birth to new generations of more and more sick people.

I used to think, "People really are not that stupid." But I was wrong. Being force fed delusional crap from childhood , thinking big brother is all for your health, and other delusional crap people believe comes from the same crap that has been going on for thousands of years. The best way to control people, and leach off them is in the education system.

If you don't know this, you must live under a rock.
The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious.

According to WHO, genetic diseases kill about 34,000,000 people a year. We are continually degrading because of greedy evil people who pretend to be "saving lives".
It is very difficult for people to overcome their brainwashing. I know I have watched this all of my life in people who have the most screwed up beliefs.
Just realize that if you don't have any absolutely clear obvious physical evidence for your beliefs, you are considered to be delusional.
Inference, opinions from faith, and projections of belief and wearing blinders so you don't look at any obviously clear evidence that shows the truth, is considered to be the common delusions of mankind.

This is why we set back and our entire species is being destroyed and people are so stupid now they can't figure it out. They are also on so many drugs their minds are all screwed up. We are being destroyed by fetal mutations, drugs, and new diseases from GMO's. It is amazing how greed is so destructive to life.

What are you teaching your children? Magical nonsense of fairy tale stories of apes that turn into humans, or are you going to teach the truth.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Can We Do to Help Our Future Generations?

I am a proponent of removing human behavior, activities, promoting our obviously clear genetic suicide.

This is the opposite of what is taught in the universities and paid for by big pharma, the medical industry, politicians, atheists, sex addicts, perverts, Monsanto who wants to destroy the food supply for profits. Evodelusionism is the religion of these people. This cannot be falsified, because I have talked with all of them, and they stand to lose out if this crap is not taught. The medical industry is slated to be the largest industry in the world in less than 10 years at the present rate of the rise in genetic diseases. And this is also the most profitable industry on earth to this date. It beats out the military industrial complex already.

Death, war, killing, drugs and diseases are humanity's main occupations with the most profits. This is clear in absolute fiscal evidence. We love to hate each other and we love to destroy our children by spreading diseases. More disease means more money for big pharma, and the medical industry.

I am for wiping out the medical industry by returning humanity to health. For some (by the current belief) 200,000 years humanity lived without the medical industry. In the last 200 years we have created more diseases and more genetic destruction in all those thousands of years prior.

Evotards believe in magical BS and are promoting more and more diseases by teaching and distribution of their religious dogma, based on faith and belief. It has absolutely nothing in common with science.

This is a real science research page, showing reality from the absolutely irrefutable physical evidence.

As it turns out, from the study where we can see the results of removing a mutagen, the original fit condition will take over when bred with people who do not have a particular deleterious mutation. If we stop our genetic suicidal "habits", and just live in harmony breed with all races mixed and all people as one, then what's left of our good genes will prevail.

This means we remove all boundaries, all religions, all countries, stop being racists, and stop all nationalism and stop teaching ignorant crap religions like Evodelusionism to our children. All these are boundaries and detrimental to human health.
Then we need to adopt universal laws to protect our future generations. And to protect the food supply from chemical companies who make billions of dollars off human suffering.

If we can do that, we would wipe out most all diseases (except for the good healthy genes that are completely lost forever) and humans would have a chance to heal.
It would take about 1000 years for the diseases to diminish and most of the cancer, diabetes, heart disease would go away and the 17000 genetic diseases will go away.

So, I don't think this is ever going to happen, unless we destroy all those who are bent on destroying the earth. Which happen to be most of the politicians and the rich elites who run the countries of the world.

The ONLY THING THAT COUNTS IN SCIENCE IS EVIDENCE. Religious slogans creating a fairy tale story is not evidence.
Most believers in Evodelusionism do not know the difference between evidence and religious ideas of Evodelusionism presented as slogans over and over as if they represent something real.
DNA is real and it only shows degeneration in all complex creatures. I have never met a rational Evotard.

We can see in DNA studies that humans are less intelligent now than 3000-6000 years ago. This is fact.

According to this study we have lost 45% of our coding that made us much stronger and much more healthy, fit and much more intelligent.

Dr. Gerald Crabtree a renouned geneticists and professor of genetics at Stanford University states that
"I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues. I would also make this wager for the ancient inhabitants of Africa, Asia, India or the Americas, of perhaps 2000-6000 years ago. The basis for my wager comes from new developments in genetics, anthropology, and neurobiology that make a clear prediction that our intellectual and emotional abilities are genetically surprisingly fragile."
As we continue to degrade the mental diseases just increase.

Right now 50% of adults in America are on drugs for some form of depression or mental disease. That is a good sign of the health and the condition of the rational mind.

There is ONLY degeneration shown in ALL HUMAN studies of DNA.

There are 755,000 peer reviewed papers from all over the world clearly showing that humans are degraded, have never "evolved" and at the present rate of the rise of genetic defects our species will be reduced to stupid short living animals with no technology, no speech, no intelligence.

In all these peer Science studies we find some estimated 20,000 pseudo genes. Pseudo genes are genes that used to code for human cells. Now they are dead and fading away. Some of them are barely percievable because of this fading of this coding. They have completely mapped and studied 14000 of them so far.

Those who teach Evolution are evil in the most basic meaning of the word. This is clear from the evidence on countries who have the highest believers and the rapid rise in countries who have this religion taking over. The fastest rising death rate of babies and children is now in the USA.

You can see the medical statistics here:          

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cancer Return Prevention and Causes.

The odds of cancer returning is very high. Especially, if you have not made any life style changes.

Much of cancer is triggered by infections from viruses, such as HPV, but the real problem is the immune system is weak and it just gets weaker as you age.
This is how a healthy immune system works to destroy cancer cells. It is a 4 minute video with electron microscopy showing a cancer cell being destroyed by healthy macrophages that can actually recognize the cancer and destroy it. You get cancer when the immune system cannot do this.

Living clean, stop eating meat, keep your bowels clear of huge numbers of bacteria and lessen the load on your immune system, and you can live longer. And most of all stop infecting yourself in areas susceptible to HPV like the prostrate and sexual areas.  Prostrate is the number one male cancer.

Red meat is bad for all the major diseases that kill humans.

The "cure" for cancer today leaves the area around the cancer defective and scarred, so it is not a cure but a desperation method in which the lesser of two evils are encountered. Attack the cancer and destroy the "good" cells, or let the patient die.  In the future if we wake up and start using functional science, these methods of cure will be considered barbaric.

It is not a cure at all, but it just shows very crude methods to try and stop it, using toxic chemicals and radiation, surgery, all of which are NOT CURES but are crude attempts at just stopping these messed up cells.  Many are left in debilitated condition and live for a while after the "cure".

Removing the cause of Cancer is the cure. It is the only cure.

When modern medical states that they have no clue what the cause is or why it is rapidly on the rise, you have to blame your culture and politicians with their greed. If you understood what is going on you would not be liberal socialist and not so accepting of dangerous lifestyles.

But you are ignorant as most people are.

I am here to educate you, so you can do something to help your children and the future of humanity, instead of just accepting our fate of genetic suicide. Your politically controlled education system has obviously failed to educate you on the fundamentals of human life.

"More people are being cured of cancer now than in previous decades." First of all they are not being "cured" as I already said. Secondly the reason why "MORE" people are being helped is because MORE people have cancer per capita than ever.

In the USA alone it has gone up over 178% in invasive cancer since 1948.
In Eastern Europe it is pandemic now with 126.7% rise in 10 years.
And the statistics on Australia are horrendous.
This blog page took me a lot of time to gather this data for you:

We need to go back towards health back toward NOT NEEDING any medical aid. You think that giving your life over to big pharma and the medical industry is the normal human condition? That is a sad conditioning of mind.
The medical industry is slated to overshadow all other industries on the earth. They are planning hospital centers the size of small cities right now. Centralizing medicine as much as they can.

Why do you think that is a good thing? Why do you think a rapid rise of cancer from fetal mutations destroying our future is a good thing?

When you are sick you are at the mercy of this huge business and it is pot luck if you get a good doctor these days, unless you know more about your own body than they do.

I really wish you well, but if you are totally brainwashed with belief in this scientifically proven SICK system of human destruction, then I can't help you or your family.          

The odds of cancer returning from statistics is very high.
I posted links to these papers on my blog, that you have obviously never read.

It is not callous it is real objective science. From studies over several generations.
Leukemia is the number one childhood invasive cancer and it comes back.
It is something like 70% will get it again and die from it.

And if it comes back then it was never cured in the first place. This is because medical science is composed of flawed humans being trained by flawed humans and they cannot break out of these fake rules and seek the Truth or they lose their jobs.

It is what is wrong with this Evodelusionism pseudo science. The head up the @ss science of academia.

Evotards cannot stand to realize that humans are degrading rapidly and cancer rising so fast is one of the major indicators of the anti-life, anti-children, anti-health, lifestyle Evotards choose.

The Truth never changes.

When people are trying to force feed a religion on the public in order to control them or for monetary agendas:

Why is it you cannot see it? (It is extremely glaringly, obviously, clear to me from the scientific medical data.)
Why do you have to be their pawn in this destructive game? Is it your ego, pride, emotional needs ($)? (probably the number one cause of people caving in to hate, war, race, greed, fear, suffering and early death.)
Why are you no different and are promoting ignorance? (Could it be that you have never allowed yourself to take a look at what is really going on, because of some compulsion, need, or weakness you have?)

People are unable to function today with a high school education, because they are held back by this religion on purpose. They force students to go to university in order to get the proper "education" or they can't get a job. Then in the university they teach worthless, immoral disgusting, crap and make people even more dysfunctional and in need of the government.

They teach that parents are not good enough to raise their own children that they must be controlled and indoctrinated and brainwashed to fit this evil system of political power, greed, lust, hate, war, fear of loss, and removal of any form of ethics and morals.

That is why those who teach this crap are particularly culpable and accountable to the children of the future they are destroying. Those who teach in the name of some genetically degrading "good" are the most accountable. They are destroying the lives of the future generations in this ignorance.

The ultimate cause of all our human suffering is ignorance. And by the tally of what this system is doing to human children, from irrefutable physical evidence, I would say they are doing a good job of destroying the future of humanity and all life on earth.

Look at the money these companies make. If the public actually knew what was going on they would not make so much money. That is why Evodelusionism is taught. The magical idea that by magic mutations that "science" talks about but for some reason they never seem to find them, humans are "evolving".

The only conclusion shown in all the actual, factual, real, absolutely irrefutable physical evidence is genetic losses leading to eventual extinction. Teaching Evodelusionism helps those companies who are making profits off human suffering. Why would they ever want to stop people from spreading diseases and destroying the health of their babies?

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

If you disagree with this definition of morality are a sociopaths and have no heart, no soul and are totally selfish greedy hateful and bitter. There is no gray area when it comes to babies being born with diseases. This is the only measurement of morality I use.          

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mythological Religion Being Taught In Schools as "Science".


 The level of delusion and the effect of putting a mythological religion in science has is just amazing to watch.

These pseudo scientists think you can look at fossils and see evolution, when all we see is genetic degradation leading to extinction all over the world. There are estimated 1.5 million complete species already extinct, and now 47000 on the endangered list going....going... soon to be gone. This includes 1 in 4 mammals and our "genetic" cousins.

If all we see in the real world is a reduction in fitness, leading to eventual extinction if the mutagenic behavior is not stopped, then that is what is real. Humans are the only creatures with, hopefully, enough intelligence left to stop this process of genetic suicide, but ideas like Evodelusionism with magical mutations that have never existed is detrimental to human life.

3/ DNA only shows genetic degradation and nothing else. Science does not operate differently in the past than now. Science has no magic in it.

We can see clearly that there is no improvements ever seen in any DNA study of living humans. And we have found some 17000 genetic diseases that are killing us early. This is not how we came here. The longer we deny the science of how we are made and the reality of our situation, the more we degrade.

DNA gives us a chance to see how we are destroying our future generations with diseases attacking our fetuses. Instead of encouraging young people to violate their own bodies for fun and games. We should be educating them on the severity of the situation. There are now unknown types of viruses, fungus, bacteria that humans have developed out of ignorance and for primitive desires.

We send out viruses to animals we breed and they give them back with new mutations. This is how we keep mutating new pandemics. We fight off infections with antibiotics and now we have new pandemic diseases we created from some ignorant idea that these occur naturally. Pretty much ever disease we have is caused and spread by human activity. It is not magic.

If you want to preserve what's left of humanity and stop the pandemic of 1 in 54 boys born with autism, and the rapid rise of childhood cancer, then you have to take a look at what you are doing and what your example is to your children. If you care about the future you have to do something to preserve it.

Medical science has never cured any viral infection, not one. There is no defense against these viruses that enter into our reproductive cells and destroy our children's lives. We and our ancestors have done this to us and now we are going to proceed to do the same thing until we destroy any chance of human existence.

In the mean time we now have childhood cancer as the number one killer of children.

In countries with no morals and no social or legal controls over sexual behavior the rise of STD's is just horrendous. Women are expected as part of their imagined freedom (that destroys babies) are now expected to be whores and the evidence is clear.

There are 333,000 (out of 500,000 NEW cases of STD's in the UK with an average of 12,000 rise) young girls and women ages 14 to 24 with an STD. This means that if they get pregnant with an STD the odds of the baby not being mutated and adding new genetic diseases to our already huge numbers of diseases is about 100%. The woman's body was designed to protect the fetus from infections. If the mother is infected that system of fetal protection is non functioning. 
The UK is the home of Evodelusionism and they honor Charles Darwin for his great achievement of delusional nonsense.

Read this article on how this process of human genetic suicide takes place.

Keep in mind that the governement does not care about this at all, neither does big pharma, or any industry. Nobody cares about you and your family but you, and no one else can help you.

When people in the medical industry attribute our rapid rise in genetic diseases like cancer to magical causes, and they are taught this in school, from Evotards who actually believe this HEMG (human emotional mental garbage), you can see how misguided our established governments are. They are all about allowing people to have freedom to destroy life in ignorance.

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes Truth, real knowledge, life, health and joy for living. (Healthy happy babies without genetic diseases)

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

"The obvious isn't obvious until it is obvious."

"Putting your faith in humanity has historically not been a good concept. Why do you think it is "different" now?
Find the truth for yourself and don't succumb to indoctrination."             

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Evolution, Science, Religion Overview

This is an answer to a person who is so deeply involved in this religion of Evodelusionism:

Let me get this straight?

You and your whole family, as every family on earth is,  are sickly from genetic deformity, genetic diseases and emotional mental suffering from mutations in your brain cells, and yet you still want to believe in magic.  (sort of self evidence of genetic degradation) And all the evidence from all over the earth only shows an increase in rapid rise of genetic deformity and disease.   You are typical.  It is impossible for a normally emotionally controlled human to look at the truth of their own or loved one's condition. This is my conclusion based on 47 years of study of the human condition.

It seems to be part of a normal response to reality to deny it and to cover it up in some faith based crap that "magical mutations will fix our screwed up species" or worse "The medical industry will fix the mess we caused ourselves".  Evodelusionism is a perfect religion for the weak, stupid and immoral. That is why big pharma, big business, and the governments and bought off politicians all like it.  It placates the ignorance of the lemmings, while making the elites more wealthy.  The perfect religion disguised as science.   In order to implement it all you have to do is publish this mass hysteria on TV and feed this crap to the children. Then when they grow up you continue the fantasy in schools and destroy any possibility of this system of absolutely obvious genetic suicide from ever healing.   It is a system designed, arbitrarily to destroy humanity in a much more rapid fashion.
It denies the basic way we reproduce, the basic understanding of physics, and denies any form of real science we had ever developed in the past.

That is why Evodelusionism is a religion and there is no doubt that this is the religion of atheists, sex addicts, politicians, liberal socialists, communists, criminals, bankers, drug companies, Monsanto who wants to own the food supply while they destroy it, and all those stupid humans who are destroying the earth in the name of "science".

You can just look at the profiles of those who profess to believe in evolution and they all fit within that range of retarded lemmings, incapable of rational thoughts.

It really is amazing to me just how stupid your average human is.  How easily they fall for crap belies brainwashed into their heads by the governments for profits and power.

In the old days the state owned the church and used religion to control the masses and made the royalty rich, living in castles and waited on like they were special creatures and "gods" messengers.
Now we have separation of church and state, so we have a disguised religion of retards destroying human life and causing suffering. The new royalty are the evil corporate officers, and the evil politicians all in the same league of liars.

It just amazes me that something so obvious would not be easily seen by even an average person. Because it is so glaringly obvious.  I mean if you look at the evidence of our genetic destruction you could not help but to see this is NEON FLASHING LIGHT SORT OF OBVIOUS.

I used to think that people like Evotards were freaks, but lemmings are the common denominator of humanity.

I could not understand from my objective perspective how anyone can fall for something so utterly ridiculous.  I was blessed by parents who taught me well not to believe anyone for any reason. They have always been correct.

All you have to do is to OPEN YOUR EYES and LOOK AROUND and you know Evodelusionism is nonsense.

However, I do expect people to have eyes, ears and somewhat of a functioning brain. So, I continue to teach the truth about the human condition.

You can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Accepting that we are somehow naturally this screwed up is just your inability to study any evidence on the human condition, human history, scientific physical evidence.  We have some brains but choose to destroy our one species from the inside.  All we see is a "progressive" liberal agenda that is progressing towards extinction faster than ever.

After all, who really wants to take a look at the reality of our suffering?   Human naturally just live with their heads in the sand and hope it goes away by magical mutations or that some medical breakthrough will save us.

The medical industry is one of the richest industries on the planet. $2,500,000,000,000+ per year. Big pharma makes $5 or $6 billion just off one patented drug.

And yet the medical industry has never cured a single disease of humans. They have created "treatments" that give artificial life support, but these treatments diminish human life as well. They don't heal anything nor cure anything. They have, however, promoted the cause of several new diseases caused by drugs taken during gestation by mothers, and by antibiotics that produce pandemic diseases.