Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Big Pharma and Monsanto Love Evolution.

At the present rate of fetal germ line mutations, we will not last even 1000 years. As we go down this path of rapid genetic degradation because of greed, lust, and compulsions, we will simply have a lot more suffering, and as we continue to retard suffering in total ignorance with no understanding of how to reverse this decline of humanity. After a time, we will no longer have technology, that we depend on, because we will be too retarded to understand it.

Evotards support the rapid rise in genetic diseases. You can see now that 110,000,000 cases of STD's in the USA and most are ages 14 to 24. That is a pathetic declaration of ignorance. When you ask the retarded and money grubbing big medical industry the cause, they go, "its magical". "we don't know". They don't know because they are afraid to look at what they are doing.

Big pharma, Monsanto, and the industrial military complex, banks, Mortgage brokers, lawyers, and any corporation likes to have people with no morals. It is far better to use people who don't have any concerned about other people, or consider people as sheep for the wolves to just "eat" and victimize. It was called "predatory lending" for a reason. You will notice that none of the Wall Street bankers went to prison for their evil parts, instead they received money from tax payers, government loans from China, to bail them out.
Under the guise of "we have to do it to saver the US" or some BS.

I know that most people I am trying to communicate with are stupid, but you cannot all be THAT stupid. What I teach is from absolute evidence, clear as can be. If Evodelusionism were not profitable for these huge greedy companies, it would not be taught. As it turns out not only does teaching it improve big pharma's bottom line, it has given it a rapid rise of sick people, and that is good for business. $599,000,000,000 a year business. And you think it is "science".

140% rise in cancer in the US in 36 years. 229% rise in 25 years in Australia, 140% rise in cancer in the UK with 173% rise in breast cancer. Where do you think cancer comes from? Magical causes or from STD's destroying our fetuses and giving birth to new generations of more and more sick people.

I used to think, "People really are not that stupid." But I was wrong. Being force fed delusional crap from childhood , thinking big brother is all for your health, and other delusional crap people believe comes from the same crap that has been going on for thousands of years. The best way to control people, and leach off them is in the education system.

If you don't know this, you must live under a rock.
The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious.

According to WHO, genetic diseases kill about 34,000,000 people a year. We are continually degrading because of greedy evil people who pretend to be "saving lives".
It is very difficult for people to overcome their brainwashing. I know I have watched this all of my life in people who have the most screwed up beliefs.
Just realize that if you don't have any absolutely clear obvious physical evidence for your beliefs, you are considered to be delusional.
Inference, opinions from faith, and projections of belief and wearing blinders so you don't look at any obviously clear evidence that shows the truth, is considered to be the common delusions of mankind.

This is why we set back and our entire species is being destroyed and people are so stupid now they can't figure it out. They are also on so many drugs their minds are all screwed up. We are being destroyed by fetal mutations, drugs, and new diseases from GMO's. It is amazing how greed is so destructive to life.

What are you teaching your children? Magical nonsense of fairy tale stories of apes that turn into humans, or are you going to teach the truth.


  1. This entire post is garbage. There is not a single correct sentence in the entire thing. Evolution is both conclusively demonstrated and provably correct; it requires an intentional ignorance to suppose otherwise.

    1. Then...Why does ALL the actual evidence we find in nature only shows genetic losses leading to extinction? This is all and I mean ALL the evidence we have on human "evolution":

  2. Really? Then why does all the physical evidence show only genetic loss leading to eventual extinction?

    If you have any physical evidence showing evolution of simple life towards complex where is it?