Friday, May 17, 2013

Cancer Return Prevention and Causes.

The odds of cancer returning is very high. Especially, if you have not made any life style changes.

Much of cancer is triggered by infections from viruses, such as HPV, but the real problem is the immune system is weak and it just gets weaker as you age.
This is how a healthy immune system works to destroy cancer cells. It is a 4 minute video with electron microscopy showing a cancer cell being destroyed by healthy macrophages that can actually recognize the cancer and destroy it. You get cancer when the immune system cannot do this.

Living clean, stop eating meat, keep your bowels clear of huge numbers of bacteria and lessen the load on your immune system, and you can live longer. And most of all stop infecting yourself in areas susceptible to HPV like the prostrate and sexual areas.  Prostrate is the number one male cancer.

Red meat is bad for all the major diseases that kill humans.

The "cure" for cancer today leaves the area around the cancer defective and scarred, so it is not a cure but a desperation method in which the lesser of two evils are encountered. Attack the cancer and destroy the "good" cells, or let the patient die.  In the future if we wake up and start using functional science, these methods of cure will be considered barbaric.

It is not a cure at all, but it just shows very crude methods to try and stop it, using toxic chemicals and radiation, surgery, all of which are NOT CURES but are crude attempts at just stopping these messed up cells.  Many are left in debilitated condition and live for a while after the "cure".

Removing the cause of Cancer is the cure. It is the only cure.

When modern medical states that they have no clue what the cause is or why it is rapidly on the rise, you have to blame your culture and politicians with their greed. If you understood what is going on you would not be liberal socialist and not so accepting of dangerous lifestyles.

But you are ignorant as most people are.

I am here to educate you, so you can do something to help your children and the future of humanity, instead of just accepting our fate of genetic suicide. Your politically controlled education system has obviously failed to educate you on the fundamentals of human life.

"More people are being cured of cancer now than in previous decades." First of all they are not being "cured" as I already said. Secondly the reason why "MORE" people are being helped is because MORE people have cancer per capita than ever.

In the USA alone it has gone up over 178% in invasive cancer since 1948.
In Eastern Europe it is pandemic now with 126.7% rise in 10 years.
And the statistics on Australia are horrendous.
This blog page took me a lot of time to gather this data for you:

We need to go back towards health back toward NOT NEEDING any medical aid. You think that giving your life over to big pharma and the medical industry is the normal human condition? That is a sad conditioning of mind.
The medical industry is slated to overshadow all other industries on the earth. They are planning hospital centers the size of small cities right now. Centralizing medicine as much as they can.

Why do you think that is a good thing? Why do you think a rapid rise of cancer from fetal mutations destroying our future is a good thing?

When you are sick you are at the mercy of this huge business and it is pot luck if you get a good doctor these days, unless you know more about your own body than they do.

I really wish you well, but if you are totally brainwashed with belief in this scientifically proven SICK system of human destruction, then I can't help you or your family.          

The odds of cancer returning from statistics is very high.
I posted links to these papers on my blog, that you have obviously never read.

It is not callous it is real objective science. From studies over several generations.
Leukemia is the number one childhood invasive cancer and it comes back.
It is something like 70% will get it again and die from it.

And if it comes back then it was never cured in the first place. This is because medical science is composed of flawed humans being trained by flawed humans and they cannot break out of these fake rules and seek the Truth or they lose their jobs.

It is what is wrong with this Evodelusionism pseudo science. The head up the @ss science of academia.

Evotards cannot stand to realize that humans are degrading rapidly and cancer rising so fast is one of the major indicators of the anti-life, anti-children, anti-health, lifestyle Evotards choose.

The Truth never changes.

When people are trying to force feed a religion on the public in order to control them or for monetary agendas:

Why is it you cannot see it? (It is extremely glaringly, obviously, clear to me from the scientific medical data.)
Why do you have to be their pawn in this destructive game? Is it your ego, pride, emotional needs ($)? (probably the number one cause of people caving in to hate, war, race, greed, fear, suffering and early death.)
Why are you no different and are promoting ignorance? (Could it be that you have never allowed yourself to take a look at what is really going on, because of some compulsion, need, or weakness you have?)

People are unable to function today with a high school education, because they are held back by this religion on purpose. They force students to go to university in order to get the proper "education" or they can't get a job. Then in the university they teach worthless, immoral disgusting, crap and make people even more dysfunctional and in need of the government.

They teach that parents are not good enough to raise their own children that they must be controlled and indoctrinated and brainwashed to fit this evil system of political power, greed, lust, hate, war, fear of loss, and removal of any form of ethics and morals.

That is why those who teach this crap are particularly culpable and accountable to the children of the future they are destroying. Those who teach in the name of some genetically degrading "good" are the most accountable. They are destroying the lives of the future generations in this ignorance.

The ultimate cause of all our human suffering is ignorance. And by the tally of what this system is doing to human children, from irrefutable physical evidence, I would say they are doing a good job of destroying the future of humanity and all life on earth.

Look at the money these companies make. If the public actually knew what was going on they would not make so much money. That is why Evodelusionism is taught. The magical idea that by magic mutations that "science" talks about but for some reason they never seem to find them, humans are "evolving".

The only conclusion shown in all the actual, factual, real, absolutely irrefutable physical evidence is genetic losses leading to eventual extinction. Teaching Evodelusionism helps those companies who are making profits off human suffering. Why would they ever want to stop people from spreading diseases and destroying the health of their babies?

Absolutely Morality is based only on this:

Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.

If you disagree with this definition of morality are a sociopaths and have no heart, no soul and are totally selfish greedy hateful and bitter. There is no gray area when it comes to babies being born with diseases. This is the only measurement of morality I use.          

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