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Capipolism 1

The big pharma makes $600,000,000 per year and the medical industry as a whole makes 2,500,000,000,000 per year (2009 statistics).  Modern large evil corporations have no morals, and they don't want people working for them with morals. This is why such religious nonsense, such as Evodelusionism is taught. Consider that the 2.5 trillion spent on medical according to Forbes is equal to $9,000,000 spent per person per year, AND they have never cured a single diseases. AND diseases are rising at a phenomenal rate.  The rise of genetic diseases is not curtailed because of politicians who cannot get elected if they were to enact moral laws to protect people from diseases.   The only morally responsible corporations are small family owned businesses that I personally know of.  Ford of the early 1900's was the last true morally responsible corporation. At least Henry tried.  His cars were made of chrome vanadium steel. The finest steel known at that time. And his purpose was to pay a living wage, so that his employees could own the cars they made. Do you see anything like that today?

What the world has now. Hate for those who love life.

The founding fathers stated clearly that their government was clearly for followers of God (fundamental morals to maintain human health and support "love for one another" and prosperity), and once that is gone (The Bible) their constitution will fail, because it is based only on a moral society.  Immoral societies have always self destructed, as we can see today.

This is called the "Law of Life"
Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health, freedom and joy for living. What is our natural state that all humans want. That children will be born with LESS and LESS diseases as the generations go on, until life expectancy returns to the many thousands of years.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs and the spread of diseases like greedy animals.  (This is clearly, shown in evidence,  and what we have going on today.) Anything promoting evil, disease, suffering and shorter lives, will be severely punished in this new system of government called Capipolism, and extracted from society. (Can you imagine how that will be?).  No death promoting activities allowed.  No disease spreading activities allowed.

Capipolism is designed to force healthy ethics and healthy morals on a society so it can survive and thrive in spite of human nature to destroy all that is good in life.  "Healthy" is defined as that which preserves life, the human genome, stops the rapid genetic degradation we find today, and works towards increasing body functions in all citizens; rather than the current trend to destroy humanity completely from diseases that cause fetal mutations.

Humans are absolutely proven to only want to destroy life on earth, so we were given rules to live by that stop diseases, murder, killing, hate, war, and all that is against life.  Yet, we prefer to destroy all life on earth out of our weaknesses, lusts and greed.  The worst destroyers of life seem to be liberal socialists and those are in all political parties today.  It is so important to them to "validate" diseased lifestyles as "normal".

It is not in the best interest of a corporation (now, a liberal socialist organization) to have someone who is concerned for each and every individual and even one person being harmed by their products or politically (greedily) controlled services.   I don't even know if you can read this, because the education system is so bad in the USA now.

You can see from the PDR (Physicians' Desk References) that this would be a deterrent to sales.  And big pharma likes Evodelusionism because it promotes immorality. Who cares if 1,000,000 people suffer or die because of a drug, if 30,000,000 people buy it a $100 a bottle? The net profits are all that matter.  This is THE problem with a for profit only mode of business. And with corporate lawyers attacking citizens or worse giving out $100 settlement, for an individual, while they make millions is really a disease, not a legal system.

What corporation cares for anything but money?  If you know of one, let me know below and I will check it out.   The nature of the huge corporation is one of  having no human concepts because it only exists to make money.    It is not human by definition.  It cannot exist without money, and it does all it can to exist.  And the shills of the corporation do all they can to keep it feeding them.   It is the nature of this "beast" and so it needs to be controlled by the people to stop diseases and suffering from this sort of bad concept.  The USA politics is completely controlled by the big corporations we can see that from the "bailouts" of companies that should have just went away.  Let someone else come up with a better car, and compete in the market, instead of feeding some old monster that is inefficient, wasteful of human resources and totally immoral. 

People don't seem to care about much of anything of any real importance, except some ideas that magic will fix human problems.  Let me make this clear there is no magic in the real world.  And according to scriptures it is NOW controlled by Satan and demons.  

It is the world of Gods laws of physics and cause and effect is what rules.  No matter what you or evil has taught you to believe to be true, there is no magic. "THERE IS NO MAGIC" in this world. There is a lot of deception and lies.  Magical thinking is a disease.  "Good Luck" is a diseased idea.

If you want a good government it should rule for the people and not for the corporations who own the politicians.  If you want to see what is at the core of this sick system, follow the money.

If you want to see why Evodelusionism is taught in the classroom and put on TV, then follow the money.  Who pays for the TV shows, who owns the politicians?  Who runs the entertainment businesses?   (Hint...look at the commercials! Watch how many of the people in the industry are infected with STD's.)

The fact that liberals own the entertainment industry, promote violence on the screen and then state clearly they are against gun ownership, how can something so mentally ill be more obvious?

If Evodelusionism was not good for the wallets of the already rich, then, it would not be taught.  It certainly is not science. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE we have today shows that evolution is impossible. Yet it is the most promoted religion of modern times.


That is why I support Capipolism:   Free market capitalism, with extreme limits and controls on the size of corporations, and absolutely no political power allowed for corporations, and absolutely no lobbies, no money from individuals nor corporations given to any political cause or any elected official.  There will be absolutely no promotion of greed at all.    And NO political parties at all. Where did that idea ever get started?  One country, "indivisible, with liberty and justice for all". This can only come with no division. This allows for the individual freedom to think for themselves and not having to follow any political agendas at all.  No political parties allowed at all. NO JOINING of crap clubs.  Knowledge and wisdom based on the Truth as found in evidence only with no agendas feeding the knowledge.  The Truth will set you free.   Capipolism is just too smart and intelligent for modern people who love to hate each other. But.. let us dream a bit..........

For instance "save the animals" but "kill your unborn baby" are completely contradictory concepts but are part of the liberal socialism.    Why not save the animals, where possible, and save the babies, where possible, which align with the morals of a sane person. Why not be "reproductive responsible".  In Capipolism we do not believe in making whores and sluts out of girls as a "good thing".  Instead we believe in giving an honorable position to women as the (disease and STD free) mothers of the future of life on earth.  (Infected sex produces diseased babies with fetal mutations.) 

How to elect public officials:
The tax base would have a fund for elected officials and those officials could not earn more than sustenance and covering, and education for their kids while in office (somewhere around the average income in the country of an average worker 45,000 USD or whatever is just enough per year. ).  There would be NO economic advantage to being a politician. There are no "castles" for the "royalty". That was a carry over from the old country, that continues to fail today. The "funnel system" of the serfs and subjects feeding the royalty would be gone forever in this new political structure that has never been tried on earth.  (All the others are utter failures to stop disease, suffering and death.) The state owned facilities are not to be lived in, but only for working.

In Capipolism, if you want to be elected to any office you must qualify, by taking a test, and take an oath of loyalty to the constitution, and then you will be considered.  You must show qualifications for the job.  Only the candidates with the best qualifications can be on the ballot.

You can use no personal money in any election campaign.  There are no party meetings where the candidates are declared.  Only those with the highest qualifications and no interest in getting rich from being a politician are allowed on the ballot. Only those who actually care about people can serve people. There is no limit to the number of candidates on the ballot either. And there will only be paper ballots, with only simple counting machines or vote tally machines (not computer controlled by programs) allowed, and to insure no voter fraud. The maximum term in office is 4 years for any job.  There will be no such thing as a career politician.

The national or local  funds for elections will be divided up equally to all candidates for advertising, travel to give speeches, etc, and the media will have severe punishments for the management if any extra charges are given to any candidate or any extra free time is added.  The news and TV programs will not be allowed to discuss political candidates in any biased way or they lose their broadcast licenses (Capipolism Communication Commission will destroy them) and are to be put out of business, and have a jail term at least 3 years and never be allowed to work in media again. This goes along with the laws that no politician can have any advantage over any other in any election. Only on merit, intelligence and qualifications.

Voters are not only required to be citizens and prove residency, they must take a test of mental competence of at least a 5th grade level of understanding what they are voting for.  You must be certified sane and have some level of intelligence to vote.  This would eliminate foreign infiltrators or mentally challenged, basically stupid people from voting. (Doing this would eliminate now the Democratic party.  The God hating party.)

The Capipolism constitution has a moral code at the foundation.   All laws are based on this:

This is called the "Law of Life"
Good: That which promotes truth, real knowledge, life, health, freedom and joy for living. What is our natural state that all humans want.

Evil: That which promotes ignorance, diseases, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs.  (This is clearly, shown in evidence,  and what we have going on today.) Anything or anyone promoting evil will be severely punished in this new system of government called Capipolism, and extracted from society. If you want to kill, harm others in any way or spread diseases, then you can do that in a prison.  Or be put to death.

There will be no legislature, no need for representatives in government, and no laws made that are not voted on by the public.  Only laws that pass popular vote of the people by 95% will be added to the constitution.  Voters are required to understand what they are voting on and must be tested at the polling places and have a certificate of competency to vote and can only be citizens.

All laws must be supported by science and genetics, and not supported by greed.   There is no reason to keep adding laws on top of laws on top of laws and have nobody enforcing them as we have now.  At the present time in the USA we have existing laws that are more than adequate, good, and the politicians are telling people we need new laws to cover the same concerns over and over to justify their existence.

They don't enforce the existing laws that were more than adequate.  If you hire a bunch of lawmakers all you get is redundant and confusing complicated laws designed to feed the corporations and the elite rich class. If you hire lawmakers, then you get ridiculous redundant and worthless laws.  That is a ridiculous system that fails because the system has no logic nor reason to it.  It is a carry over of a failed system used in old Europe.

There will be no paid judges, no paid lawyers, only a group of 24 citizens (who are qualified by testing of intelligence and loyalty to the Constitution) will decide any outcome, or the law itself will be the only issue and the perpetrator pleads guilty and takes the standard punishment.  No, manipulation.

There is a procedure for lay people to implement the foundational laws and the laws will be clear and will never be changed.  Only physical evidence based judgments will be enforced.

There will be NO CIVIL court.  All laws will be implemented by the government of people by the people and for the people.  If someone screws you on a private deal and lies to sell you something, they will go to jail, and pay you and the state a fine.

Civil court only allows the rich greedy people to manipulate and destroy the country and destroy competition from small and creative businesses.  Civil court causes prices to rise for no reason other than to feed the sharks, er I mean lawyers and judges which there will be none allowed as part of society.  If someone screws you, you must prove it in a court paid by the people and you do not have to fight for yourself against evil.  And evil will be punished and put in prison, rather than rewarded by putting you out of business or taking all that you own in some concocted "civil" lawsuit.

Police are not allowed to use lethal force, ever.  They cannot have any guns or lethal weapons while on duty, only the public and private citizens* tested sane and stable, can own guns.  The police will use immobilizing equipment not designed to kill to capture criminals even more effective than guns, because guns make you stop and evaluate the situation so you don't kill the wrong person.   If criminals are using high tech lethal weapons, then the military will be called in and the criminals will be surrounded and put in prison for life with no trial and no parole. A group of 24 citizens will see the evidence and implement the punishment. The punishment will be SET in stone and if you do any crime the punishment will NEVER change or be adjusted based upon some "plea". If you did the crime, you will do the time, the full time.

Zero tolerance on the moral code foundation.  Science knows absolutely that STD's are the main cause of the physical and mental degradation of humans.  Science will be purified of pseudoscience and all those supporting political causes from "science" will be put in jail.  Immoral science will not be allowed.

People spreading diseases will be quarantined and taken out of society.  All people will be tested for STD's and communicable diseases before being allowed to enter the country and shortly after birth.  Not clean = no sex.  Not married to a diseased free marriage  = no sex.   People applying for marriage license, will have to take STD test for ALL STD's.  The quarantine will be in a place with extremely nice living conditions, (clean air, clean water, wholesome foods, free medical care)  but no contact with anyone outside the compound until deemed cured and no sexual or bodily fluids contact with other people. If they have an STD they will not be allowed any contact with anyone for sex or reproduction, and will be taken out of society if these diseased people have sex:  put in isolation in a prison camp until the disease they carry is cured or they die.   Get an STD and lose your freedom to reproduce until it is gone.  Keep in mind that many STD are not curable and many people carry the disease and don't show symptoms.  All people will be tested for STD's.  STD's are the number one cause of human genetic diseases, like cancer, diabetes, ALS, Parkensons, MS, and all the other 17000 genetic diseases we have given to ourselves.

Money spent on ridiculous waste will be funneled into health for this purpose.

All modern technology will be monitored for breaking the law of "life". Any technology that causes permanent illness will be removed from society.

All technology causing harm to human life (breaking the primary law), will be destroyed and outlawed. Anyone caught building any machines, components, or implements or chemicals that are harmful to human life will be put in prison for life.  This includes all weapons, poisons, gases, use of nuclear fuels, chemicals that cause fetal mutations.

All medical and medical doctors will be ruled by the state and follow the law of morality and real science, not the pseudoscience we have now, killing over 700,000 people a year from "mistakes".

 Pharmaceutical companies will be extremely restricted and there will be a 7 year testing, by the independent government labs, not the pharmaceutical companies (as it is now), on any drugs to be approved.  No pharmaceutical company is allowed to test their own products. All medications will by law not be allowed to harm anyone. There can be no "ill" side effects at all.

There will be no independent for profit medical centers.  All medical centers will be owned by the people and supported by the people from a pool of tax money.  (This will greatly reduce the costs and insure better medical.) The buildings will have NO value to anyone and will be placed on state owned tax free property.   Unlike now, the medical doctors will be trained in proper care according to real science and given training in many methods of healing.  All Rx drugs will be eliminated that have harmful side effects that can cause deleterious mutations (permanent damage) to the patients. Doctors will be paid well based on skills and achievements, not on how much insurance they have to pay. There will be no assisted suicide. People with terminal illnesses will die naturally and only be given pain medications.  Doctors who violate the law of life, will be put in prison for at least 5 years, and lose their abilty to perform any functions as a doctor.  Doctors who kill, by errors will be permanently put in prison until they are cured of ever wanting to kill another patient by incompetence.

There will be NO genetically modified foods allowed in Capipolism, and no poisons used to aid in food growing.  There will be no mutagenic animals allowed to be cultivated near any humans.  These are animals and fowl that are known to have similar host cells for human viruses that cause diseases. No more cultivation of flu, or cold or any viral infection by cultivating animals that mutate human viruses.

The banking laws will be such that bankers cannot use anyone's money, savings or investments, on any risky venture capitalism. They are only allowed to loan money to people who qualify and can easily afford to pay back the money. If they loan money for a business, the business must be a viable business venture.  Individuals cannot buy a home if the payments are more than 1/3 of their income.

Banking fees will be regulated by the government and strict laws. Banks are not allowed to be "free capitalism" They are only to serve humanity and not to rape humanity.  There will be a maximum interest charge of 6% on any loans.  Banks are not allowed to borrow money for more than 3% (and lend for 6%) in order to lend money on secured loans.  They can lend money they have from profits and investors, but must not risk any of the depositors money on risky investments (to be listed in banking laws). There will be NO huge banks over 2000 employees. Local banks will serve the local people.  Each bank will be allowed to make money on creativity and can adjust their interest rates as they see fit up to 6% Per Anum, calculated on the monthly balance.

The money, will only be printed and distributed by the government owned bank and there will be no "for profit" banks involved in the manufacture, guarantee or distribution of money.  Money will only be valued in terms of actual productivity. The time and costs to manufacture and sell necessary living items, food, shelter, automobiles, all commodities, and products will have a selling price of no more than 3 times the cost to manufacture.

This Capipolism is at the foundation of the constitution of the USA, but the founders never thought that our country founded on God, would ever become so immoral and so disgusting as it is today.

Honoring God: There will be only one Congregation and the word "religion" will not be used because there is nothing to cause it to be in use. The worship of  God The Creator and Sustainer of Life and there will be no paid preachers. There will be no other God than the God of Life, love and Compassion, Jehovah is His Name.  
There is no "god of wealth" and no god of "special knowledge" and no "god of travel" and no god of "anything other than life, love and compassion.  The congregation buildings will not have any gaudy statues, nor can they solicit for money during any meetings.  They can accept donations but they cannot ask for them.  There will be no "pay to pray" either.  There are no messengers of God living on the earth today who can pray for you any better than you can.  You are free to worship or not to worship.

Media. The CCC Capipolism Communication Commission will have strict rules on what can be shown in any media of any kind.  Including Internet, TV, Cable, Satellite and place where mass distribution of sound, video, visuals, audio.

1/ Nothing will be shown to represent killing of people in any fashion. Death will not be flaunted.

2/ Nothing will be shown, depicted or implied that would produce the spread of diseases and suffering. This includes the spread of STD's.

3/ There will be no political agendas other than the support of Capipolism, health, and joy for living which Capipolism has at its foundation.

4/ The news will be accurate and accountable.  Just the facts and no political causes represented.

5/ Programming will promote family and harmony.  There will be no more depicting of infidelity, divorce, hate of any kind.  Women will be respected as the mothers of the hope for humanity. The sacred mothers of the future. Fathers will be depicted and responsible, loving and kind fair in all business dealings and not having any business that is against life or causes health problems (diseases).

The "primary directive" of Capipolism is to allow life to flourish and nothing is allowed to interfere with that. Anything or anyone who promotes death, will get their wish.

(The present system is designed to destroy health, cause war, hate, lust, greed and basically all that is against life.  )

If you have ideas you want to put in this new system designed to produce healthy happy children, please post them.

This is just a fantasy "government" and can never be attained by stupid humans.   It is only when Jehovah God, intervenes and removes all those causing disease, suffering and death from the earth that the new Kingdom will start.

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