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More Science and The Bible

As a real objective scientist, independent of politicians, religions and academia where nonsensical beliefs are inflicted on people in the name of "good", "god" or "social justice" or whatever ignorant cause; I have studied everything that humans do to kill each other, kill themselves, and kill all life on earth that they can destroy.  And the weirdest part is they do it in the name of "good",  "saving the planet", "social justice" or "race hate".  They promote the exact opposite of what they want. This is the nature of living in darkness, the opposite of objective awareness.

It turns out that all of those activities that are what Jehovah in the Bible calls "sins" are the root cause of diseases,  suffering and death.   The very foundation of suffering is doing sin, acts against life. 

Sins are often actions, thoughts, beliefs, ideology, and human emotional mental garbage that is sincerely believed to be "love" or "good" but actually cause disease suffering death and destruction of animal life and human.  I have found that at the very bottom of sin is this idea that was brainwashed into children that doing an action promoted by the "teachers" is good.
That is how delusional humans really are.

"The key to mental health is to realize how insane one is. Then work on unscrewing one's self from the human emotional mental garbage you believe."

Isaiah 5:20

 Woe to those who say that good is bad and bad is good, Those who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, Those who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
The problem is these beliefs are deeply emotional at the level of compulsions and are the result of all the inherited genetic defects and diseases we have.

 Apparently, Jehovah our Creator, from my studies of the knowledge in the Bible and the genetic and biological evidence in you and in me as found in diseases on the molecular level and the statistical levels; the study of the suffering in the world, all life science, shows that Jehovah is absolutely correct in every rule to stop us from killing each other and all life on earth. In simpler terms, Jehovah is the cause of all life and the intelligence behind it and wants you to learn how to live free from suffering.  So, he gave us rules for health and happiness.

He truly is the God of Love and Life.  In order for you to understand this, you have to have intelligence, and because of genetic degradation I cannot teach many people, because they simply cannot understand it or they are too emotional to look at the facts.  It was difficult for me to look at the nature of diseases and suffering and to trace it back to its ultimate causes.  I hate reading stories of mothers who have taken their babies to the hospital for as many as 30 operations only to have the die anyway from their "inherited genetic diseases".

It seems to me from reading the entire Bible at least 8 times now in several translations, the message of the Bible is the survival book for life on earth.  It also describes God's attempts at salvaging what is left to the human genome (genetic health) not once, but now three times that we know of from history, and before that we don't know.  There is one last attempt that was made and it is all that is left before He wipes every tear off the planet and restores health permanently.  It is up to you if you want to get on that "ship" of salvation.  It is the only way out and the only assured way to life.

There is too much to cover in one article, so I will work on one scientific phenomenon at a time. This and every scientifically testable fact of the Bible's rules is clear evidence of extreme intelligence and "supernatural knowledge" of human physiology, microbiology, and genetics.

Starting with killing people in order to save the most people possible.  (It is funny but the Marxists, atheists, have done this in the name of "social justice", "love" and "betterment of humanity", killing over 140,000,000 people in the early 20th century. The "Christians" have done this in the name of Christ and "saving" people, killing over 500,000,000 people total that we have recorded. We don't know the real total.)

The "social justice" people who know absolutely nothing, (utterly ignorant and emotional)  about biology, medical science nor genetics, will be shocked and even appalled by this idea that humans "enjoying" themselves with "natural" sex, need to die for the cause of saving as many people as possible.  For those of us with intelligence, it is obvious.

You have to consider the total circumstances objectively and most humans today (proven from DNA analysis of our ancestors) are far more emotional than ever, making any objective understanding of life difficult for them.  This makes what should be science into an emotional hodgepodge of ideology and politics mixed with compulsions.  Often called "belief systems" or simply "BS".

Today we can see that homosexual behavior, which involves promiscuity, lots of fecal sex, oral sex and fecal/oral sex and orgies as common with them, is one of the most deadly activities a human can do if they want to live. It is proven, medically, to be extremely harmful to those who practice it.   It is the opposite of "life" to spread diseases as they do even now with all the antibiotics and antivirals, it is still killing them faster than they ever know and if they are bi-sexual it is bad because a woman's vagina is a great receptor of diseases, taking that disease and passing it to any possible children conceived under infections.  Once a woman is infected with a virus, it often never goes away.    The vagina is warm, has plenty of food for bacteria and fungus and viral infections.  Once the protection of immune cells and the hydrogen peroxide provided by the good bacteria is overwhelmed with high pH and infections it is too late to fix it, where there was or is no antibiotics nor any form of medical treatments.

 It seems that fear of diseases and death cannot overcome human compulsions that control people.  In many ways evil "gets off" on risk of death as a motivation.   The more risk of death and disease the more exciting it is to do.

These ignorant people's excuse is "it is natural otherwise I would not want this form of sex".  Well so is having sex with dead bodies or raping infants, "natural" to those who "love" to engage in that.  At what level of debauchery do humans stop?

So, now lets us take a look at the Mosaic law of:

Leviticus 18 (This is the law of God that homosexuals hate. and liberal socialists, communists, think is detestable. CLICK 1700% (17 times) chance of getting this, according to the CDC, in homosexuals and this disease and this is just one disease they "enjoy".  To be fair, sodomy with a woman also causes this. That is why that is also forbidden!) 

22 “‘You must not lie down with a male in the same way that you lie down with a woman.  It is a detestable act."

Considering that I have never found anything in the Bible to be incorrect from medical science, I would say that Jehovah, does know what He is talking about. And He could not  explain molecular biology to ancient Jews who had not even a microscope.  So the "law" was the law because Jehovah said it.  That should have been enough considering the rest of the Jewish exile story. 

Leviticus 20:13
13 “‘If a man lies down with a male the same as one lies down with a woman, both of them have done a detestable thing.They should be put to death without fail. Their own blood is upon them."

On the surface, this sound very unfair and not a loving sort of God, except unless you are educated in the details of human suffering and diseases, you will not look at this in any objective way.  And emotional person, like Richard Dawkins calls this "homophobic megalomaniac God of the Bible". But he is not a medical doctor and never looks at any physical evidence contrary to his sexual desires.  You can see why his books are popular with sex addicts and homosexuals. There are billions of people afflicted with his disease, so they are going to seek each other out and fortify their "religious beliefs", otherwise called "BS".  His is the religion of "death worship".

Right now, the only way to insure some form of genetic stability would be to only have virgins marry and have them tested for all genetic diseases before they marry.  This will never happen today.  So, you can only do what you can do from knowledge for your family and that is all you can do.

Now with scientific medical evidence everywhere to see, we can easily find the results of sin.  Look if you can deal with it. It would benefit you very much to get into the reality of this. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU CANNOT STOMACH PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM DISEASES CAUSED BY SIN.


You see when Jehovah laid down the law 3000 years ago for the Jews, on how to live without diseases, and you disobey, with the full knowledge that God finds this detestable; you should die at that time.  If you brought plagues or diseases on the genetic lineage of the Messiah, that Jehovah chose to bring the last salvation for sinful humans, you deserve to die for the sake of millions or perhaps billions who might live, because of Jesus's birth.  Talk about social justice and righteousness! This is how it operated 3000 years ago. The law still is in full operation today, except that Jehovah will take care of all death causing activities once and for all.

1 Corinthians 6:9, 10

9 "Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom?Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality, 10 thieves, greedy people, drunkards, revilers, and extortioners will not inherit God’s Kingdom."

You will notice it doesn't say those who have these desires, but those who practice them. The best we can do is to prove to God that we can stop ourselves from acting on our genetic degradation long enough to enter the Kingdom of God as promised where sins will be eradicated at the bottom of level. They will be destroyed and never come to mind.

Taking us back, over 3000 years, to the whole "picture" of the times of the Jews in exile in Egypt:

1/There were no medicines of any value to stop any infections.
A. No, antibiotics existed.
B. No vaccines existed.
C. Antiseptics and even soap was rare.
D. Any infectious, contagious disease would and could wipe out the entire tribe. Thus, destroying any possibility of Jesus's birth.
E. And most important of all, the genetics of Jesus would be destroyed by viral infections causing massive fetal mutations and that would end any possibility of the Messiah being born with any level of high intelligence or health. This would put an end to humanity and any possible life for any existing human at any time to ever get genetic salvation. God would just have to destroy all of us and start over if He so decides.

Try to imagine the diseases that Sodom and Gomorrah were culturing. There was massive spreading of diseases and the culturing and mutations of bacterium, fungi, and viral diseases, some of which we have never seen in the medical industry because they were wiped out by fire and fire was the only way to insure these diseases were destroyed.

Back in those days diseases did not travel by airplane, they were confined by conditions of travel. And if you were to go into those cities and have sex then go back to the tribe of the Jews, you would spread diseases in similar ways to what happened to the Native Americans when the whites came with all their diseases. Massive death and destruction of the ONLY HOPE for mankind if the Messiah did not arrive. Keep the goal in mind at this time.

Today, it doesn't much matter anymore if homosexuals, or heterosexuals spread diseases, because life on earth as humans is close to over and all this is prophesied in the Bible.  According to the massive mutations we have gained in the last 100 years, we have less than 100 years left of human life.  Right now, today in the USA, there are at min 40% morons (IQ under 80) being born. This is real human tragedy and medical science thinks this has no causes.  The average IQ in the world is 84 right now.  100 years ago it was 100 IQ average.  But there are people who want to live and like the idea of living in a paradise on earth and they have good hearts.

Intelligence can help you but really just doing what God asks if you are too stupid to understand will save you and bring you into the new Kingdom on earth where your whole being will be restored to health, including brain functions.  You don't need to know molecular biology to be saved.  Just know that molecular biology completely agrees with Jehovah. 

However, if you cannot stop engaging in death promoting activities, you cannot live in the new earth about to be made.  It doesn't matter what you think or believe.  You cannot attain salvation and life in the New Kingdom.    You must learn what sin is and stop doing it. Don't use religious excuses that "We are all sinners and Jesus will save us."  No, you must allow Jehovah God to help you to stop sinning and He will help you.  It doesn't matter what sins* you have done, Jehovah, can fix you.

The New World, all cleaned up and free of disease, will be KEPT clean of all diseases and mental illnesses and this new Kingdom Government on earth will never allow anyone to live who commits sin causing disease and death at all.

There will be no more, "free will" to commit sins that cause death.  And the evil that teaches death and disease as "good" will be removed from the planet.  You will have free will to live free, enjoy constant health and youthful vigor,  as long as you do not commit sins against Life and Love for Life.  Jehovah is the God of Life and Love. If you love living, breathing, and enjoying the earth, then stop destroying yourself and others with your stupid actions.   The goal is to be "sinless" but in our current condition the best we can do is to simply stop sinning even if the compulsions and desires to sin are still active inside us.  There are very few people who have attained a sinless state before they died.  Jesus was born this way, so he never had to overcome that.

Think of it this way.  If you have a death threat on you at all times; that if you "DO" something you will die; do you think you could stop yourself from doing that? That is EXACTLY, how it is for those on the path of true salvation.  If you have sin as you do and all people do, and don't act on it, is shows God that you are sincere that you actually want to live in the New World of life and no death. That you can overcome death thinking and diseased actions by your will to live because of your love for life.

 It is the New "Zero Tolerance Rule" of Jehovah.  He tried to let people "learn" his laws and to see if they could follow the laws that bring happiness and joy for living, but they could not do it on their own, because of the nature of genetic degradation we have now and we were literally helpless against our compulsions which promote more suffering diseases and death, until Jesus came to mediate for us and save our lives.  It is only through the Grace of Jehovah God through His Son Jesus that we can attain enough spiritual strength to overcome sin and the result of death.  ("The wages of sin is death.")

 Now, in the New Government under Jesus Christ rulership, anyone whom, being fully educated in the law, violates it one time or has the deep inclination of causing harm to themselves or others, will be destroyed.  Jesus will be given the job of knowing us on the inside and out and to judge us instantly. 

 A sin and death causing person will not be allowed in the world of the living with joy for life.  Try to imagine a world with no suffering, no disease, no blindness, no arthritis, no cancer, no suffering babies, and no death!  This is only for those who love life more than those who love sin.

This is the choice God gives us.  If you want life then do the things necessary for you to gain it. Right now, many are going to die and may never live again.  If you are so diseased and immoral that you cannot give up your love of death causing activities then you will get the fruit of your mind/heart set.  God grants the desires of the heart and if you believe in death so much, then you will get eternal death.

Quote Richard Dawkins: "We are going to die and that makes us the lucky ones."
This is not only a sinful person, but a person who worships death as "good".  If you worship death as atheists and sex, lust and greed addicts do then you get your wish. Enjoy your short sinful life because this is all you get.  

After a time, believe it or not, all inclinations for sin, killing, things like making diseases out of beneficial bacteria as we have done in this rotting system; spreading viruses to animals and destroying them; or any form of scientifically proven immorality, death causing,  will be gone forever.  That is the most wonderful gift Jehovah offers us. Even the inclination will be removed and these things will "never come to mind".

Those thoughts, and feelings, will never arise in you after some time has passed in the New Kingdom on Earth that Jehovah promises.  We will be brought back to the highest level a human can be; living in a paradise of simple joy for living, with full health and full intelligence restored.

Imagine being able to learn at genius levels for as long as you want to live and to live in youthful vigor.  Imagine exploring the earth and the stars, living long enough to travel millions of light years away as an explorer.  Then returning to the earth if you want.

If you lose an arm, it will grow back.  Your teeth will be strong and if you knock one out it will come back.  (Genetics does not understand why we do not grow back arms legs and organs, but I do.)

Imagine understanding the laws of the universe and how God makes everything operate on the highest form of reason and logic.  That is what awaits those who love life.  If you worship death as people like Richard Dawkins seems to then that is your reward, eternal dead, no life, no existence.

*There is only one sin that is unforgivable.  Knowing God and Gods spirit and then acting against it,  as what an apostate does.  An apostate is evil in the deepest levels of their being, because they KNOW God's laws and what it means, and they did what Adam did and turned against God.  Adam has no promise of any life at all, because of the HUGE mistake he did. 

2 Peter 2:20

20  Certainly if after escaping from the defilements of the world by an accurate knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they get involved again with these very things and are overcome, their final state has become worse for them than the first.

2 Peter 3:7

 But by the same word the heavens and the earth that now exist are reserved for fire and are being kept until the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly people.

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