Monday, June 12, 2017

Never Do Anything Against Good Conscience By James Arjuna

School text books, today, focus on slavery as a "white man's" sin. Trying to get the black voters and for no other reason. So, Democrats, creating racism and keeping blacks and hispanics in poverty. And racism, where there is none. Now we have the worst form of artificially created, fake racism.

Blacks in these crime ridden ghettos are told that the reason they live there is because of "rich white people". And it turns out those "rich white people" are white democrats, "progressives" (progressing towards, complete moral, infrastructure, economic collapse of the USA). All of the filthy rich whites are democrats today.

According to statistics, this idea of Democratic party "progress" is to keep blacks in ghettos. After 8 years of Democratic control the most important thing done was to get men who think they are women to have access to the ladies restrooms. That was the most important issue. And apparently, this idea of racism caused by "whites" is more prevalent. But actually racism does not exist in the USA nor in the constitution and 99% of white people are not racists, and the fact that blacks have far more privilege than whites.

But the reality is because of this principle of keeping blacks ignorant and enslaved to welfare and keeping them down and blaming white people for their condition is PURE FANTASY promoted by greedy "progressive" politicians. Progressivism promotes disease, suffering and death far more than any other ideology. And they promote fascist control over media and the internet.

It is the socialists (progressives) and Islamics promoting this to destroy America and the American culture of freedom to succeed for anyone. They want to destroy the concepts of you are guaranteed the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Yet it is the democrats who promote poverty and perpetuate it. This is fact.

Why would so called, progressives, want to destroy this concept of freedom, life, liberty, and happiness and make people into slaves of some stupid ideology? Progressivism is a mental illness as far as I can tell. Because it is destroying all the progress made in actual social justice. That is they don't want people to think for themselves, nor do they want people to live and do what their good cultures have cultivated for centuries. That hard work and perseverance makes for stronger healthier people who enjoy the "fruits" of their work. Progressives all support the weak and that weak and mentally ill are more important than healthy and strong people who produce food, machines, products, services etc. This idea that the weak and sickly, and downtrodden (that progressives created and promote as normal) need to receive just as much as those who work hard and actually produce something for humanity. Why are progressives creating a new slave class of government pawns who are so held back and kept ignorant that they willfully submit to tyranny in the name of "social justice". The USA is founded on "social justice" so this new class warfare is really a new form of slavery to controls and to conform and not have any cultural differences.

When, actually, slavery started with Egyptians (as far as recorded history goes back) and is still going on today with "brown people" in Arabian countries where they castrate black men, TODAY, and keep them in "work camps". 

And the "slavery" of the Bible has nothing in common with what is called slavery today. The Jews were demanded by God to take good care of them and treat them like family. Slavery, indentured servants, was a way to live and have a good life for poor people.  The Jews, themselves, were kept enslaved for 430 years by Egyptians, before they were set free.  But they were treated badly by Egyptians.

You see, the economic system was nothing like today. There were no McD's to go work for so you can start out and work your way up. So, working for keep, clothing, food, and shelter along with feeding children was the way of the past. To compare that to actual slavery is ridiculous. You need to understand the actual conditions of that culture.

The Mexicans kept slaves called peons. They were indentured slaves of poor people who seemed to never be able to pay off the debts.

And the early companies in the US made slaves out of workers, built simple homes for them and kept them near the work-site and had to go to the "company store" for things they needed. Basically, any money you made actually went back to "the company".

In the USA today, slavery continues, on all people who don't understand how they are kept as slaves. The entire school system is set up for you to fail to compete in the market place. For instance a PhD in any field is pretty much worthless to start a business that requires several fields of study to make a product to compete with these large corporations who control the education system.

In other words the "progressive" academic system is made so you cannot know enough to make a better product to compete in the market place. A PhD in physics is close to worthless. And it is only after you get your PhD in physics you learn you have no marketable skills.

Anyway it was the white REPUBLICANS with almost NO democrats in congress who voted out slavery forever in the USA. Democrats kept on with the KKK, and "segregation" treating blacks worse than animals. I know this firsthand, because, I lived in the south in the 1960's. It was just as described. Blacks, literally, lived on the other side of the "tracks" and in homes that were actually shacks. Out front was a 6 year old Cadillac that most could barely afford. There were white water fountains and black (labeled "colored") water fountains: black toilets, and white toilets, white restaurants and black restaraunts; white schools and "colored" schools. The blacks had to ride in the back of the bus and if the buss was full, whites had first loading and blacks had to wait for the next bus. And ALL of the political structures were created by white DEMOCRATS. Democrats lost the civil war, but decided that lynching blacks and keeping them in dire poverty was a "good".

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