Friday, April 4, 2014

What IS the REAL definition of "Evolution"

"When somebody does not allow looking at any piece of evidence by some method that they "deem as not science" you know they are protecting an ideology."

One of the most retarded things I have seen in this HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) is the control of the definitions in science, and wrapping the "new definitions" around this ideology HEMG. If you want to extend the belief system (BS) then control the "scientific definitions". This is where ignorant "educated" have really destroyed all logic and reason in science and is the cause of the retarded sciences we have today. (Also causing a lot of mothers to suffer while they watch their babies die.)

Nothing retards people better than to take foundational scientific terms and give them, Evodelusional, religious meanings.

Evolution: "that theory which sees in the history of all things organic and inorganic a development from simplicity to complexity, a gradual advance from a simple or rudimentary condition to one that is more complex and of a higher character." Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language.

Mutation; 1. A defective gene in any creature that cannot reproduce correctly and usually causes sickness or death (a "mutant") 2. Basically all the majority of defects that are not helpful to survival. We call them "micro mutations" which has caused all species to degrade. Genetically caused diseases are not good.

Here is the best video on mutations taken directly from the US Gov Library of Medicine.

There has never been any number of "helpful" nor "progressive" nor "evolutionary" NET positive sets of mutations that has increased information, increased the ability to survive, nor has it cause any added complexity to any organism. Just look at the human genome and all the defects we have imposed on our selves, by stupidity, compulsion, war, wanting the easy life, making toxins to give our lives less "work". Following normal human tendencies has not been good for our species. Now we spread STD's like wild fire.

"Evolutionary Pressure" Is the idea that events in the environment cause creatures to magically obtain information that was not present from the oldest version. There is no evidence of that.

Evotards believe that if you crash your car into a tree it will improve by the magic of the "Positive Selection Fairy" that seems to have died. If you continue to crash it enough, it will eventually evolve into a truck. This is exactly the same "logic" used in the classroom.

The white polar bear was simply white, but it has has many of the original features lost along the way.

In all of the advancement towards time, ALL and I mean ALL creatures have LOST genetic function that gave them tremendous advantages for survival compared to the latest version.

As creatures advance by reproduction. The powerful features that helped them to make it on a much more difficult environment are atrophied.

The term "evolution" itself means advancement towards the more complex. So that is not any word that fits the actual evidence. It is not science. It is a pagan religious pile of crap.


From the Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary:

Evolution: That theory which sees in the history of all things organic and inorganic a, development from simplicity to complexity; to a gradual advancement from the simple or rudimentary condition to one that is more complex.

Evolution: This magical, religious, idea that by magical processes and mystical causes, creatures have gained in features, become more complex, and have new gene functions that were not ever in the genetic make up of the original of the species.

Magical thinking; "I will drive my car into a wall and smash it about 45KMPH. Then I will drive it backwards into the same wall it it will be perfect again." "If I keep smashing it enough it will turn into a truck." This is the Evotard philosophy.

All you have to do is look at the completed human genome chart to realize that is false. There is nothing in evidence but atrophied gene function (pseudo genes) that indicate lowered complexity, weakened tissue, weakened bones, and genetic diseases cause by real mutations from STD's (diseased reproduction) toxins in the environment.This is the absolute truth.

I asked many people for their absolutely irrefutable evidence for evolution and no one has any. PERIOD. These are PHD's of various sects of this religious cult.

I asked them to show me ALL of the positive mutation in the human genome. They gave me ONLY 4. That really shows evolution! RIGHT! NOT! And 3 of the four are know to be part of genetically caused diseases and ONE is simple and old gene that is dying out.

There are known to be over 100,000 defects in the human genome across the species. And we have just got started on this. I guess that really shows "evolution". NOT!

It only shows genetic degeneration. This is anti-evolution.

This is absolutely irrefutable physical evidence that is totally against any form of evolution.

Magical Words that are totally worthless in biology:

"Random Mutation" is the most idiotic concept that Evotards have come up with to date. It is their explanation for natural existing traits that are already in the genome. These idiots are brainwashed by society to conform to this delusional BS. "Random" is not a scientific word because it violates the foundation of science; cause and effect. Without cause and effect there is no science.

When somebody does not allow looking at any piece of evidence by some method that they "deem as not science" you know they are protecting an ideology.

There can be no NEW genetic information added to an already existing creature. That is like having your car get hit by another car and magically it is cured or made better by it.

All events that cause changes to the genome are destructive to normal gene expression. These Micro


Random means without any normal cause. It just magically appeared. In science this idea of random is used when people have no clue what the cause is.

Random is a Magical Word that has no place in real science. It is there to give some sort of solace to stupid people.

You can see a twinkle in their eyes like little children who believe in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. This magical "St Evodude Fairy" creature of evolution comes along and waves the magic wand and presto new features are generated that somehow make fish turn into humans.

This is the most idiot pile of fairy tale nonsense that has ever been on this planet. If you believe in this crap and are an adult, you need to get some mental help.

This is known as a delusional disease. It is probably shown in your genome. There is no cure for people who are prone to delusional ideas of magic.

I like what Einstein said. "God does not play dice".

Every complex creature on this planet is eventually headed towards extinction, including humans. The genetically perfect humans are long gone and all we have is a continual degradation of the genome in ACTUAL EVIDENCE.

The only cure is for the Genetic Engineer who made us to come and do repairs, by whatever means.

In the mean time we need to stop the activities that are destroying our genome. I don't think we are as a species capable of that.

There has been no magical increase in intelligence and that is for sure. An intelligent person is a freak accident on this planet. And like all people who actual have some intelligence you realize how stupid and limited you are.

The stupid ones think that evolution is real, that magical causes exist that are improving mankind. What people can't stand is no possible hope or don't want to understand they make up mythological religions for. It is how pagans twist things to fit what they want.

They know that they are the stupid ones, so they must rely on the "smart ones" to teach them. The problem is the dumb ones are in universities teaching now. The general intelligence of humanity is degraded by this normal process of diseases and toxins destroying gene function, including intelligence.

When you know that you are too low IQ to figure out anything for yourself as the greatest scientists who gave us real, functional science, that leaves you at the mercy of these Evotards who have taken over science of biology.

All of the Evotards only repeat what they have been taught (they are all unthinking parrots), and none of them can understand pure objective logic and reason. Nor can they interpret information, evidence, objectively at all.

Take a look around and tell me how evolution is possible? There is no evidence of any human improvement. We now have morons strapping bombs on their children. We have people who actually believe in magical nonsense, like evolution. We have politicians who think you can borrow the country out of debt or bail out the people who caused the recession. Where does this idiocy come from?

Humans have a tremendous capacity for ignorant beliefs. They make up "logical" reasons why life is OK and the "doctor will fix it".

Death is not OK. Only a moron would believe that.

If you believe that death has some advantage over life, you are technically insane.


  1. Ive never seen such an insane diatribe of nonsense in my life... wow. Im going to share this just for the mockery value.

    1. You ignorance is just amazing. I mean where do you find any evidence for evolution. And where to evotards get off changing definitions of the word "evolution".

      change over time is not evolution. Change over time only shows genetic degradation and extinction. That is all real science finds in nature.

  2. No Evidence ?
    just ridicule ? :-/

    1. Ridicule is needed to help people realize that evolution is not ever happening. I doubt that you can deal with real evidence.

      The evidence is in this video and all around you.

      You think that 230% rise in unborn babies having spinal and brain cancerous tumors is "evolution"?