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What Does The Bible Teach about Creation of Earth.

This is what I know from science and from Bible scholars.

Consider that objective geneticists like Gerald Crabtree have studied ancient genomes and determined that modern humans are in fact less intelligent and far more emotional. This comes from comparative DNA studies on ancient genomes.  You can understand why this is not a popular understanding for "evolutionists" because it is obvious from the ancients they had far better understanding of life and how to be productive and creative.

So, when Evolutionists state that the bible was written by some archaic 3000 years in the past goat herders, according to science that would make them a lot more intelligent than us to begin with.  I would rather see what they have to say than to listen to the proven genetic retards of today.

The bible is not in exact chronology. It is a story book passed down by people until written down by Moses. It is not really a "metaphor", but it was written in languages that people used to convert thoughts to others as best as possible. It is because their memory was so keen that long scriptures were completely memorized.
I have actually memorized a set of verses in Sanskrit that is over 168 verses long, simply by repeating it about 20 times until I got it. Not many can do that today.

Language is a serous limitation (and can be manipulated by politicians who controlled the churches) when you are talking about phenomenon that most humans cannot comprehend anyway. As for translations of the Bible, stick to original scrolls translated into modern languages, NOT church translations. There is no such thing as a Catholic Bible. There is only THE BIBLE. There is no Hell in the Bible either, and no Christmas no Easter, etc.

In ancient East Indian scriptures the "word of God" in the beginning is called "Shabda Brahman" or the sound of God. We now call it frequency of life speed of light and vibrations of sub-atomic particles, molecules and atoms. There were no words to tell people that back 3000-6000 years ago.

Words like "unclean" means "containing diseases/infections" at a time when microbiology was not needed to be known, just follow the rules and you will have clean (no microbes attacking reproductive cells) reproduction. Today there is very little possibility for absolutely clean reproduction, unless you never touch, french kiss or have sex with an infected person. (There are many articles about how STD's are transmitted today and any form of exchange of skin contact where body fluids, blood spit, mucus, or any exchange transfers infections.)

The heavens and earth were created. The earth was not rotating around the sun as it was passing towards it position in orbit. There was no light until it reached its place in orbit. The earth was dark, traveling in space until it reached its proper position.

The Earth was totally covered in water at the beginning, and it was smaller as shown by Satellite evidence of the expansion of the earth. So the waters were "separated from the earth as it expanded".

There is no "Pangaea" because there has never been seen anything like it and a ball spinning in space completely out of balance is a ridiculous theory that violates the laws of physics. By the laws of physics things naturally balance out based on the density of mater and the rotation of the earth. Matter comes into balance when it is spun in a circle and the expansion outward of the earth gave rise to the oceans as we see them as the continents separated. (Think of a washing machine in spin mode when it goes into self destruct and the "out of balance" switches shut it off before it walks out the door.) It is utter fantasy to think that the earth's surface could break off and separate by over 160 degrees of separation from one side to the other. That's a stretch of the imagination that goes into human mythology levels of ignorance.  When I say, I can't believe that people are this stupid, now I know from Dr Crabtree's work.

The earth spinning out of balance could, actually, take the earth out of the suns orbit and away when it is at the farthest distance and the heavy side pulling away from the sun; then add the moons density to that as well. It is a delicate balance keeping us and all the planets in orbit. This is why "Pangaea" is ridiculous.  It takes very precise physics to get a satellite to obit just right around the earth.  Speed it up too much and it goes off in space.  Slow it down and it falls into the earth.  The same thing with our earth, very delicate balance to keep it right where it is.  Out into space or falls into the sun. Has to be perfect to stay where it is within a relatively small tolerance of elliptical orbit.  The earth, by the way, has the most circular orbit of all the planets.

Granite weighs (now) 166.5 lbs on average per cubic foot; and A cubic foot of water weighs approx. 62.43 pounds A cubic foot of dirt weighs approximately 75-100 pounds depending on sand rock etc composition.

You cannot have this much differences in weight spinning out of balance. It doesn't happen today and it has never happened.

There is no evidence used on how the earth was formed by any human to date. The Bible is still the best explanation, leaving out minor details. There is only speculation and "fancy, fantasy theories" that violate the laws of physics, myths made up by stupid humans who can barely wipe their asses, much less understand the mind of God. (The more stupid a human is, the more ego and pride and limited intelligence causes stupid ideas, myths to be believed and they have the audacity to call it "science".)

The ancients had far more genetic features and far more intelligence and far more perceptions of hearing, site, and smell, and touch.  Much more aware of their surroundings by perceptions we have no idea existed. Far greater frequency range in both visual and hearing.

There is nothing about the sun being younger than the earth in the Bible. They were made at the same time "in the beginning". There was no light until the earth was placed in orbit around the sun, obviously. The "lesser light" was also placed, but nobody in science knows how. They just make cartoons for TV for children to have modern myths made up by morons on PBS or BBC. It is all so "cosmological magical", otherwise known as human emotional mental garbage HEMG.

The precise rotation of the earth and the precise location in orbit (and the orbit of the moon) are not some random event and are simply amazing.

The only planet set up this way that we have found. And we have been searching for signs of any life on any other location in space for about 70-90 years, since the first radios, with no radio signals at all. (This is how "pulsars" were found by the way.)

In fossil digs; frogs, modern fish, even opossum, are found it the same layer as dinosaurs. 100's of millions of years ago. And fish fossils are found along the sides of roads dug out of strata in mountain towns.

There is no chronology found in strata either. Ice columns are much better because at least they have some reasonableness in them.

We know absolutely that the fossil dating methods are utter nonsense. You have to be an idiot to think that the age of the earth a petrified fossil is found in is the same age as the original bones. How people can be so stupid is beyond me, but they are.

The Age of the Earth from Scriptures:

2 Peter 3: 18
However, do not let this escape your notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah* as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

So this calculates out to between 2.19 Billion years to 3.65 Billion years if you do the whole calculation with the "and".   Humans have been here about 200,000 of our short years.

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