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More on Evolution Evidence

As I say:  An Evodelusionist would walk along and look at dried out dog feces and think it proves evolution. I am not kidding. These intellectual cripples will come up with some dissertation about how our poop has evolved. Evodelusionism is a disease of the mind, an infection of some form of BS hope in magical garbage that allows evil to destroy life on earth from infected reproduction. 

There are over 1.5 million species completely extinct. There are 47000 on the list for extinction, including our cousins the Chimpanzees and Bonobos, Gorillas, Orangutans all which have tremendous genetic losses.  The chimpanzees are so sickly there are less than 600 in the wild and the rest all live in "protected" areas or worse are put in concentration camps and used for horrible drug experiments.   In the name of 
"good" they suffer horrible pain and deaths. 

There is a ban on human tourism of the chimpanzee habitat because of human diseases.  When there is any form of virus going around in humans they are banned from going to Chimp sanctuaries, because hundreds die every time that happens.

You and your entire family are suffering from any number of 17000 genetic diseases and some 14,000 known serous genetic losses. 
Humans have lost some 44% of their once coding genes.
You cannot live without medical attention, and your children cannot live without medical aids.

According to the CDC, without medical humans would die in the billions very quickly from pandemic contagious diseases.

The average lifespan would be about 15 to 25 years according to medical doctors.

That is 10 years less than we lived (35 years) in the 1600's before medical was invented out of pain and suffering.

The medical industry went from NOTHING in the 1600's to over $2.700,000,000,000 per year in revenues, just in the USA.  In case you don't know it would take about 475,000 years to count that much money at one dollar ever 6 seconds.   
It means that over $9,000 000 is spent per person in the USA each year for medical and they have never cured a single disease.  But hope springs eternal.
Ask any medical doctor what diseases have been cured. 

There is nothing but evidence of human genetic degradation in every tiny speck, right to the molecular basis of human evidence. 

Yet, it is too emotionally difficult for modern weak and stupid humans to accept the fact that they are going to die at a very young age.  
Even with all the medical advances modern women in the USA are dying at 2.5 years younger than just 14 years ago.

I know that you love your little fantasy and must believe in it, but fantasy cannot stop your own genetically weak body from suffering and dying. 

I find it funny to think that you prefer this over any possible life?  How is is possible to be so hateful of life that you would not follow what your heart desires and work towards living? 

Here is what Evolution is and nothing more:

This is the Evotard Creed and Oath:

1/ We Evotards believe that dead extinct hominids degraded and went extinct are human ancestors. By magical processes and mystical causes,somehow these dead apes that were wiped off the planet, were resurrected and evolved into "modern" humans. 

2/ We only look at fossils that have never been seen living or even have a living relative, In spite of the fact that we have 90% of the now living or recently extinct, non bird, vertebrates as fossils and the farther back you go you see higher fitness for survival, We Evotards believe and take an oath that this shows evolution. 

3/ We Evotards believe in magical beneficial mutations, in spite of the fact that we don't see any in over 5 million DNA studies on humans and other creatures. That all we see is genetic losses with speciation, lost genes, lost health and shorter lives. And some 1.5 million species already extinct and some 47000 now on the list to die out. We believe that extinction is “evolution” because our teachers tell us that.

4/ The Religion of Evodelusionism is this idea that by magical processes and mystical causes slime turned into one celled creatures and humans evolved from fish, in spite of the fact there is NO evidence for this on this planet. But we must believe in spite of this fact that there is not even one tiny piece of physical evidence.

5/ Evotards believe that there was this mystical time in the past where species and science operated differently, that the natural laws of science in some magical way were avoided (by the “Evotard Fairy of natural positive selection”) and that now we see no creatures evolving at all doesn't matter, because we don’t live in the magical times of the past where the laws of science were “different”.  Every myth starts out with "Long, Long ago, and far far away in the distant land of the Evotard fairy, bla bla bla......the primal soup, and the matrix of these amino acids that magically assembled themselves" and other such crap.

6/ Evotards swear to sell wisdom teeth, appendix, tail atavism, thinner bones, and other genetic losses, atavism's, and vestiges as some sort of "refining" or advancing increased evolution and that white people are the highest level of evolution on the planet. (It's roots are based on some serious racism. Now with the advent of DNA, we can clearly see that white people cannot survive past about 15 to 25 years in the wild with no medical nor technology. I find that funny/sad, because when I took "evolution" classes the "homo erectus" cartoon was black, representing that blacks were "less evolved". Now we see the new “homo erectus” cartoons have pink skin. Not only is that funny to me, is just shows how full of crap these people are. If it was the truth it would never change.)

7/ Evotards change the etymological meanings of words that have been used for centuries and mean one basic meaning. What is the real definition of "evolution" as it has been for centuries.

8/ Evotards take an oath to operate on "Judyism", the religion of Judy Tenuta, “It could happen.” (rather than any form of realism or truth) is the bases of all those religious slogans. As if they are willing it to happen by faith and belief.. All we see in actual evidence is genetic losses, degradation of health, leading to extinction. This is obvious to all those who simply look around and see how fast the genetic diseases are rising. 

The Oath:
“ In the name of our god Darwin and our master of death worship, who owns us, Dawkins, we pray. So, we can spread diseases and destroy the lives of our offspring and all future generations from diseased, immoral, behavior as our ancestors did to us, we will continue to destroy the lives of our children.”

Here is Richard Dawkins in all his glory:

Here he is glorifying death as being so good!

“We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones." Richard Dawkins
There is nothing lucky about dying. There is no one who looks forward to death even when they are "deathly" ill. If death is so good, then why don't you follow your own advice, Richard, old boy?

If you are not seeking the Truth, then you are 1/ retarded and believe in magic. 2/ only seeking to keep your dumb ass job and feed the system. 3/ perpetuating lies.

More Evotard Creed: 
"We believe in evolution, ( We are brainwashed from an early age and prepared by TV, Carl Sagan, PBS, and cartoon shows, and our friends, peer pressure and parents force us to believe, because we are weak and cannot look at real evidence.) so we look for comparisons in creatures and project this fantasy on life. We use creatures that are sickly, going extinct and say they are representative of our prior condition. (When they are actually showing clearly the results of "evolution" which is sickness, weakness, and total inability to survive. The path that humans are on and are rapidly degrading now at the fastest rate in history.)

"We, accredited scientists never look at the degraded condition of all the modern creatures and tell people what is real, because politicians would destroy our jobs and we would lose tenure. 

We are here as paid shills to produce any crap that will sell this, Evodelusionism to the public and not let anyone know how badly the government and the rich elite corporate owners are doing at protecting today's children from these rapidly rising diseases."

"After all disease is good for business! $2,500,000,000,000 per year."

If you counted one dollar per 1/10 of a minute it would take you 457,647 years to count it. Just to give you an idea how much money is in this industry. (Please check my math, my calculator doesn't go into the trillions.)

"We don't ever look at the results of our actions and we attribute magical causes and mystical processes and sell that to the poor ignorant public."

To the Evotards who teach this crap and perpetuate lies on the public:

You are accountable to every student you have lied to, and your desperation is now showing.

Whatever you "experts" are doing is an abject failure to protect babies from diseases. It is obvious.

I am glad you found this blog, it is for your benefit.

I have asked many hundreds of believers in "evolution"; this idea that fish evolved into humans, to show me even ONE beneficial mutation that could show this is possible. Without a (genetics)  molecular bases for evolution then it is fraud.

So far out of all the ones believed to be beneficial they are part of a disease or are purely speculative and cannot be proven where they came from. This gene for lactase is obviously a pre-existing gene that was defective in some people and working in others.   The Evotards all think that the non working version was prior to the working version, but how can that possibly be, because it is only 2 base pair difference out of 49,335 base pairs.

The most ridiculous of this is the lactose tolerance mutation. First of all making lactase enzyme is made in a gene that is 49,335 base pairs for just one of the THREE lactase genes. This is the most common of the defective one found in lactose intolerance. Which is just another type of disease which makes people sick if they drink milk or have milk products.
This is the most common gene found in lactose intolerance.
This is from the United States "genes" library.

Where is the LCT gene located?

Cytogenetic Location: 2q21
Molecular Location on chromosome 2: base pairs 135,787,844 to 135,837,179

Base pairs are numbered by location.  The math is simple:
From 135,837,179 minus 135,787,844 is a total of 49,335 base pairs in this gene.

Your average gene has about 26,000 base pairs.

According to the article claiming that this was some great event creating this new gene. It turns out that it is only 2 base pairs were changed  to cause this gene to function. Where did the other totally designed 49332 BP come from that were aligned perfectly and just needed two base pairs to change to make the lactose enzyme?

Do you see how ridiculous this religion is that has gotten into the classroom?

It was a pre-existing gene from ancient ancestors prior to this finding and they found a group where it was turned off, LATER, and then a group where they drank milk where it was functioning. The two base pairs were not mutated from disease in the functioning gene and in the malfunctioning gene it was and is a disease.

Your entire argument {this was an answer to and Evolutionist} is that there is a "theory of evolution". The real findings in ALL the verifiable physical evidence leads a real scientist to *"The Theory Of Genetic Degradation Leading To Extinction"*. Or "Theory of Genetic Atrophy" Because that is ONLY what is found.

There have been found in the fossil record some 1.5 million species extinct and we now have 47000 on the list to go extinct. This includes our genetic cousins, the great apes,  who are degraded to the point of 15 years max life in the wild and 25000 diseases. Humans can't go near then without giving them serious viral infections that kill them because they are so degraded. Chimp tourism is not allowed when a cold or flu in humans is taking place for this reason.

In the 2.5 million DNA studies there are no cases of any living or recently extinct (6000 yrs on human studies) showing even one verifiable beneficial mutation.

Not one of the PhD's have been able to produce one. Therefore, there is no such thing as a beneficial mutation. It is fantasy.

We know that Evolutionists believe that "duplication" mutations are the "power behind evolution". But even a base pair duplication causes disease or deformity because it destroys the original proteins construction with extra proteins that cannot be integrated.

This is why EVERY duplication found in humans today is part of a disease.  You can look here.  Here is a search for any germ line duplication that does anything.  Every article shows diseases.

And here for all duplication that cause diseases that are duplication mutations.

When you start reading any of the "evolutionary" ideas of these pathetic religious believers, you must realize that comparing anything other than ancient human DNA to modern human DNA is bogus and based on some idea that for instance "chimps are representative of a prior condition of humanity".

The reality is that Chimps are clear evidence of human degradation if they are our cousins (which I accept as correct). They have far more diseases than humans do, they are bent over and cannot stand upright and they are nearly extinct. They have a very limited environment and cannot leave nor go for walks in the jungle or plains because they become instant food for predators if they do.   How does this weak and degraded animal that is going extinct show "evolution".  It shows degradation.  Our cousins show some serious genetic losses and their brain function is less than "idiot savant" because their skulls that used to be round are all caved in and have lost huge amounts of brain capacity. This is obvious to anyone who studies the evidence. They seem to retain some of our better teeth for survival, so brain function was not so critical for eating.

You see it is impossible for evolution to take place for many reasons and if you have NO molecular basis for evolution, then it is fraud.

Any duplication or any mutation at the germ line,  cannot be integrated because the HOX genes have to place them into the correct use and the HOX genes are master programmed for a specific master plan of the organism. HOX genes direct the rest of the coding DNA where to put these proteins and what part of the body to place any particular protein constructed by this process.  If you don't know this, then go read up on it.

Then real mutations at the germ line cannot be recognized by the immune system and so the immune system takes these messed up proteins made into our cells and attacks them (autoimmune diseases). This is the job of the immune system to destroy foreign matter and bad cells from the body. The problem is these "foreign" cells are all that we have now because of constant deleterious mutations.   This is why medical doctors prescribe "immune suppressing drugs" to people with rheumatoid arthritis and this leaves the patient subject to weakened immune diseases, like dying from the flu or not being able to destroy cancer cells.

Every mutation destroys the recognition of both the HOX to use them and the immune system to destroy them as foreign attack cells, that our immune system does not recognize as "self vs not self".

There is also the problem with apoptosis or natural destruction of cells.  If the cell is not recognizable by this system then it just keeps on living when it should die.  Cancer cells are like this and so are incorrectly coded cells that produce web feet, or any place where there is supposed to be a separation of body parts as the body forms in the womb.

Therefore, every germ line (real mutations that are inheritable) mutation causes us to be sick and weaker. There is no possible "evolution".

This is why we have 1 in 3 people die of cancer.

1 in 3 get heart disease, an autoimmune disease where the immune system etches the inside of the lining of the arteries where lipids then collect on the rough surface.
1 in 10 have rare genetic diseases that need to be treated for life.
1 in 3 have diabetes or pre-diabetic right now. Autoimmune disease attacking these cells.

And each human has over 1000 deleterious mutations.

This is the original definition of the word "evolution"

What IS the REAL definition of "Evolution"
"When somebody does not allow looking at any piece of evidence by some method that they "deem as not science" you know they are protecting an ideology."

Why would the government or medical/big pharma want you to think things could improve?

One of the most retarded things I have seen in this HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) is the control of the definitions in science, and wrapping the "new definitions" around this ideology HEMG. If you want to extend the belief system (BS) then control the "scientific definitions". This is where ignorant, politically controlled, "educated" have really destroyed all logic and reason in science and is the cause of the retarded sciences we have today. (Also causing a lot of mothers to suffer while they watch their babies die.)

Nothing retards people better than to take foundational scientific terms and give them, Evodelusional, religious meanings, having nothing in common with reality.

*Evolution: "that theory which sees in the history of all things organic and inorganic a development from simplicity to complexity, a gradual advance from a simple or rudimentary condition to one that is more complex and of a higher character." Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language.*

Mutation; 1. A defective gene in any creature that cannot reproduce correctly and usually causes sickness or death (a "mutant") 2. Basically all the majority of defects that are not helpful to survival. We call them "micro mutations" which has caused all species to degrade. Genetically caused diseases are not good.

"It is far easier to fool people (with TV, schools, and peer pressure to believe) than to convince them they have been fooled."

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