Friday, May 9, 2014

The Religion of "environmentalism"

There is only ONE good thing about "environmentalism".  It shows that in people's hearts, somewhere deep is a desire for life to continue. The problem is "environmentalism" is harmful to the environment and is proven in every fact we find in objective evidence to do so.  God bless the environmentalists, but if you really want to know what is at the foundation of this "movement" it is the same garbage as we find in all of these types of movements.  GREED.

When I live in Holland for some time, I found out that my computer types underwater.  That it was some sort of delusion because the "god" of pseudoscience, Al Gore, told me I would be underwater.  People who are on the Envoreligioism band wagon completely forget that ALL of Al's predictions never came to pass. 
My friends in Florida told me that their TV's  and computers and everything works just find "under water".   
How is it possible for people to actually believe these rich greedy "environmentalists" when everything they have said to date is a lie.  Not one of Al Gore's predictions have shown up or even slightly. 

100% of the "environmentalism" is not backed by any scientific facts or any laws of natural physics. CO2 is natural.  CO2 is good for life.  It is part of the life on our planet and all the "fossil fuels" are not some foreign toxic wast from Mars or whatever these idiots try to sell. It is organic materials buried in the ground and if it wasn't it would not burn. Originally it was life on top of the earth. 

You can burn all the fossil fuel (correctly cleanly as we do now) and all it does is feed the vegetation ecosystem, causes more rain to feed these plants and ultimately puts far more oxygen in the air. More CO2 ultimately results in more oxygen.  More oxygen means more, ozone in the upper atmosphere,  filtering more of harmful electromagnetic radiation from the sun and causing more temperate climates on the entire earth.   

It is BS from people with a profit and power agenda.
The media fanatics,  work hard to sell this crap because it makes a huge pile of cash for them, causes a lot of new "environmental" businesses which they "magically" own by the way.

For instance Wind Turbines are made from toxic chemicals, destroy the landscape, are environmentally bad because they clear the land of trees, kills birds and ruins bird habitat, and they are inefficient. The are so UGLY that I can't imagine how someone can be that blind. They cause harmful low frequency sounds that destroy human health in those who live near these damned things. 

When I drive across the USA over the years, at least 100 times the beauty of our country is being ruined by these UGLY things and 90% of the time they are not turning even in full wind. That tells me it is just a fraud on the public.
If you want to be environmentally friendly with these things you would put them where they cannot destroy life.

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