Thursday, June 30, 2016

The LACK of REAL Science education TODAY is alarming and can destroy us.

It amazes me how lacking in organic chemistry and in life science modern people are. But then again, this is shown in DNA studies of our ancestors who were much more intelligent. Small minded people will do what is necessary to maintain income and for no other reasons. They will make up all sorts of junk "science" to solicit money from politicians. For instance, you cannot get a grant to lower energy usage in homes by 70% to 80% (30% use of energy) and take people off the grid.

 I know. I tried this. There is no money to feed the political system by taking people off grid and lowering energy usage and NOT reducing even one aspect of opulent lifestyle. Automatic washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, computers, huge TV's, sound systems. The way to reduce energy usage is easy to do.

Political ideologies run rampant, and all of them are about greed. If you want to start a new industry (like wind turbines that are now proven to be so destructive to life on the planet and the environment) , you must destroy the old industry, because you do not own that industry, and never will. It is much more lucrative to destroy the competition with lies than to actually come up with something better.
So posting scientific lies as if they are true is the new form of corporate greedy warfare. There is no real study showing that increased CO2 is "bad". It is actually extremely good for life on earth to have more. In fact we are LOW on CO2 right now.
Let me explain to you how the earth maintains temperate climates.
It is the OZONE layer producing the FILTER of radiation that keeps gamma rays, high levels of UV and harmful radiation from the planet surface. Ozone is an oxygen molecule that has been changed by UV radiation from the sun, into O3 molecule. O3 is the blue color we get from the sun filtered by OZONE and other natural gasses in the atmosphere.

In order to have more ozone, bluer sky, and better harmful radiation filtering as it was before, we need MORE CO2.
This has been known about for a long time, but not one, so called, climate scientist, ever discusses this as the real issue. There are no grants for production of more CO2 and increased vegetation, as a solution to any environmental issues.
All of the fossil fuels are CARBON based matter that was in the form of CO2 on top of the earth before it was buried. It is natural as it comes. Fossil fuels are not some foreign matter from aliens in outer space designed to kill us as is the common myth of stupid people today.
Fossil fuels are natural to the earth and not harmful to the environment even when they are burned without all the "regulations". The regulations come from burning in areas with poor air movements or in areas with too much burning in a small country. And not burning with enough oxygen to burn up the "unburned hydrocarbons". Burning (clean high temp burning) all the carbons and making pure CO2 is a way to recover the life on earth, to grow more food, to have more oxygen and a more temperate weather pattern.
The problem is JUST THE OPPOSITE of this junk pseudo climate science, not based on anything but greed and greedy politicians.
More CO2 = More Plant (vegetation) Health;  More Vegetation health = More Oxygen;  More Oxygen = More Ozone Layer; More Ozone layer = better environmental conditions on earth, more temperate climate, more even temperature, better health and less skin cancer.
Ozone is made from oxygen hit by UV radiation from the sun, and it is a temporary molecule that needs to constantly be produced. More oxygen from having more CO2 means more healthy vegetation.
The CO2 levels reached an all time low in the recent times. It is now barely 400 PPM, and it needs to be over 1000 PPM to 2000 for healthy plant (and human) life and lower and more even temperatures on earth. Healthy plant life means better life on the planet.
We got rid of Freon in aerosol cans to stop destroying the ozone layer. Now we need more CO2 and more plants with more oxygen to restore the ozone layer to much safer levels for life on earth. The rise in skin cancer is directly caused by lack of ozone filtration of harmful UV rays from the sun.
The most rapid rise of skin cancer comes from lack of OZONE, caused by lack of CO2, and vegetation making the oxygen needed for OZONE.
If you want to completely destroy all life on earth, then lower the CO2 even more. If it gets below 150 PPM there will be no life on earth at all, no plankton, no food, no vegetation at all.
CO2, Carbon (life giving) dioxide, is two atoms of oxygen and one of Carbon. It is not a poison. It is GOOD for all humans and animals to have more oxygen and more ozone caused by the rise of CO2.
We are "CARBON BASED LIFE FORM". Remove the CO2 and we cease to exist.

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