Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Has Happened To Humanity and What is the Plan.

Yes,  Jehovah gave humans rules for health.  Humans want to play "god' so that brought on all of human disease, suffering and death.  We can see that human emotions desires and compulsions are a disease.  ALL children are now born with serious genetic diseases, including you, from this behavior.

You really think it is normal to (if you make it 70% don't make it past 67years.) to have old age (which is suffering), disease which is suffering, suffering and death?

It is not a joy to be a crippled old person.
It is not a joy to be a diseased person limited.
It is not a joy to see your loved ones suffer and die.
It is not a joy to see your child die.
It is not a joy to die.

Without life you have nothing!

This is not how God had planed it.  Jehovah in his generous loving nature,  gave humans free will and we screwed up, not only ourselves but the planet.  We are now so attracted to the things that cause diseases, suffering, old age and death that we think it is normal.  It is not normal to die.  It is not in you heart to want to die.

There is no hope for humanity from humans. It will never happen.  Every generation thinks they can fix this, and they just make it worse because they are stupid.  Humans are proven beyond all doubts to be unable to stop themselves from destruction.

Here is what God's plan is from the Bible.

First, he is letting this rotting system run down and self destruct.  At the same time sending out people (Jehovah's people)  to find those willing to give up rotting actions (sins) and have decent hearts and want to live.

Jehovah is seeking out those on the planet who love life and want to live. Those who want to live so much that they would surrender to God's will and learn God's ways to love and life.  Jehovah's Will is that we stop destroying ourselves, and stop creating suffering in our amazingly retarded condition.

Then he is going to destroy all evil on the earth forever.  Everyone who is not found in the Book of Life, will be destroyed because they have no desire to live and do not have good hearts.

In the new Kingdom about to come on earth, no one who promotes diseases, suffering, death, or defies Jehovah's Laws will be allowed to live.  Only good people will be allowed to live.

Jehovah promises to return our genome to health and to full life for as long as we want to live, forever if you want.

The earth will be restored to a paradise as it was in the beginning, before humans decided to play God.

There will be no wars, no religions, no hate, no disease, no suffering and death will be removed.

There will be no old age.
There will be no greed.
There will be no hate.
It is God's plan.

It is the Best plan there is, and it is the only way to life.

If you want to live you would get close to your Creator, Jehovah, from his Words in the Bible.  The Bible is 100% accurate on all levels of human life and death and it details God's plans for the very near future.

If you hate life, so much, that you are willing to give up life for some human emotional foolish beliefs or "plastic god",  then there is no hope for you.  Part of stupid human beliefs is this disgusting rotting system of hate, disease, war, false religions and death is all there is.


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