Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Here's The Facts On The Condition of Humanity

Religious beliefs usually are not found in the Bible and what the Bible's real message is.  The Bible's real message is way better than what religion has been lying about.

We can see that Christendom and all the false religions have participated in killing so many people. Today the highest numbers of diseased STD infected, teenage girls are in the Bible Belt. Their religion has failed to protect them from Satan.  Satan is the god of disease, suffering, old age and death.  If your children are caved in to this god of lust, greed, idol worship, then you are a failure as a teacher of Christ's Rules for life.

If your little girl is idolizing these "whores" on TV and you are a Christian, don't you think you are failing?  Or maybe you like to look at these whores on TV, so you think it is OK.   Idol worship and lusting after woman (thinking that is good), is forbidden by God.  These people are so stupid they actually think it is OK for this, and that somehow they are saved even when they constantly practice immoral behavior.  No one who, consciously, practices sin has God nor his Son.  The evidence of immoral lifestyles is in the rapid rise of fetal mutations and disease.

Every scientific statement in the Bible that is testable is 100% accurate, right down to the molecular bases of human, microbial, and animal life. It has perfect Laws on preserving human and animal health.

But because of the horrible education, false religions,  and the much lower intelligence we have today, (proven by DNA testing of our ancestors compared to modern much more degraded humans) it would be difficult for low intelligence people to comprehend it.  (In Jehovah's New Kingdom all human intelligence will be restored. If you are unable to understand technology, or mechanics or chemistry, or physics, etc, you will as your genome is restored according to Jehovah's promise. No one will say "I am sick".

Also with the emotional garbage and the lack of body consciousness, humans cannot deal with medical facts. Humans are far more wussies, emotional cripples now than ever. This extreme emotionalism is the reason for all the denial about reality and the need for fantasy is so strong.  And why Christendom's and political fantasy is so well accepted.  There is this stupid idea that humans can solve human problems.  For example,  technology gave us tractors to plow the fields and make more food.  That was good.  Now GREED, has created the need for less work more money, and MORE chemicals to destroy the health of the food.  Now we have TONS of food allergies that did not exist prior to the 1950's.  GMO's are basically diseased foods caused by stupid human greed.

The Bible has a much better plan for humans than this crap of Christendom and all religious and political ideologies.

I have studied in details the results of human immorality in these babies born with so many new diseases.   Most people are so in denial they cannot even read about a child going through 10 to 15 surgeries and many trips to the hospital for emergencies to keep them alive, only to have the mother's worst nightmare happen.
This is the result of false religion, academia, and human governments all based on greed and desires that Satan promotes.

Humans are rapidly going extinct. This is an undeniable fact based on EVIDENCE.

It is very difficult emotionally for emotional and weak low intelligence modern humans to grasp that we are going extinct, but we are degrading faster than ever in the last century. And ignorance of the clear causes of this in scientific evidence is all around.

We now have some 17000 genetic diseases that we know of; with more found every week. There are over 8000 congenital/birth defects and more found every week; diseases that cause babies to suffer and die. The fastest rising death rate right NOW is in babies ages 1 to 4 in the USA years old. Up 4% in one year. This is after the infant is born. But in reality the fastest rising death rate is unborn fetuses that are defective.

In the USA:

In 1847 the record was less than 1 in 45 died of cancer.

In 2015 1 in 3 people will die from cancer from the ages of 15 to 64. And this is with all the modern “treatments”. (The medical industry has never cured any disease and we still have all of them and now some 17000 genetic diseases and some 10,000 different pathogens.)

1 in 38 boys are born with autism. (Up 650% in 29 years.)
This autism statistic is OLD by 6 years. The government has stopped giving stats on many diseases, because they don't want people to realize what utter failures society is.

1 in 9 babies are born with rare genetic diseases.

1 in 12 people in the USA have diabetes.

1 in 8 have heart, circulatory disease

1 in 3 die from cancer before the age of 64

70% of WANTED pregnancies end in miscarriage, the fetus dies from a genetic disease/deformity.

200% rise over 34 years in unborn babies with brain and spinal cancerous tumors 34 years 300% in 40 years.

New epidemic of full term babies born dead. 1 in 650 is not rare.

Cancer is now “elevated” to the number one disease killer of babies to 15 years old. It is proven beyond all doubts to be genetic in over 600,000 medical studies.

(When you have infected sex, you are destroying the future of humanity.)


The second most rapidly rising childhood disease is genetic deformity. Lots of surgery there and many die. (When you have infected sex, you are destroying the future of humanity.)

The third common and most rapidly rising genetic disease is congenital heart disease. 200% in 39 years.

(When you have infected sex, you are destroying the future of humanity.)


The death rate of children from genetic disease has been rapidly rising so that now we have some 1 in 9 with serious genetic diseases they have to be constantly treated for. When they are born, often surgery is needed just for immediate survival.
The rest have to deal with progressive genetic diseases that appear over time, like your teeth rotting out of your head, eye glasses for our defective eyes, back pain because of defective skeletal diseases, etc.  Finally, the medical industry has announced that "old age is a disease that needs to be cured". The Bible has said that for nearly 4000 years.

Humans are absolutely proven to be genetically degraded and retarded; and in that retardation are suicidal by genetic disease statistics over the many years. Facts of the rapid rise of genetic diseases and the ignorance of "science" used to destroy foods, destroy the Oxygen, destroy life in the name of saving the planet, is evidence of human stupidity.

We are destroying not only all animal life on earth, but our own babies. Humans are incapable of ruling themselves. They believe that promoting mutagenic behavior is good and that there is no cause or human erroneous thinking as the actual cause and blame to our suffering. That all these diseases we give to ourselves by not following even basic hygiene and health rules are caused by some "random magical" causes. If you promote diseased reproduction our of modern human ignorance and lust (sexual compulsions are a disease) you get diseased babies.

Diseased parents have diseased babies. It is not "magically" caused as these intellectual retarded scientists who cannot deal with sex in a correct way, because they are degraded themselves.  And every modern human being so emotional is looking outside themselves for causes, like vaccines and such.   College/University professors have an extreme rate of divorce, because they teach moral degradation as good, and so they live it.  Often having sex with student women and men.  It is a disease to do this to "children" who are at the mercy of these professors.

I never believe anything these professors teach, unless I have personally studied it and gotten to the bottom of the issue.  That is where the TRUTH exists. In actual evidence based science.  Most students today, do not know what evidence is. They use slogans "axioms" repeated over and over with no evidence presented to show cause in these stupid "scientific axioms".  How mentally challenged is any student to fall for this?   When I was in the classroom I DEMANDED evidence and would argue with the teacher.  The most common answer to my questions were;  "It is just a theory".  They negated themselves as scientist to me, because without evidence for a "theroy" you cannot have a theory.   The first hypothesis of an idea on a phenomenon must be tested with REAL evidence.  When there is no evidence to back any of the theory, then what is it?  It is a religion made up for political reasons.







"I am a deeply religious nonbeliever - this is a somewhat new kind of religion."

Albert Einstein.


All of this is "Biblical" and predicted in Revelation and Matthew and even in the Old Testament.  2 Timothy has a clear statement on this condition of degraded and immoral people, gasping at sickness as if it was "normal".

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