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Blood Transfusions! Evil or Good?

Taking Blood in any form:

"It is like playing Russian Roulette with a five shot gun and four bullets"

As a scientist, I know so much about this subject, right down to the molecules of DNA in blood and the fact that every human carries at least 5 viral diseases in their blood as well as there are some 17000 genetic diseases transferred in the Blood.  It is most likely that you will get some 10 to 15 diseases from a blood transfusion.

(I subscribe to medical journals and there are so many articles now on bloodless surgery and NOT using blood unless the person is dying.)

There is this famous scientist, John Sanford (now a "born again"), who was an atheist, and believer in the dogma of academia who invented the "gene gun" to inject genes into plants in order to modify them according to human greed.

When they were trying to find a way to modify plants to be "Roundup ready" so that Roundup a powerful weed killer (defoliant used in Vietnam "Agent Orange") would not kill the corn. They found some bacteria that was in the Roundup factory waste dump, living off Roundup as food. It had managed to take the poisons in roundup and remove the carbon based food and live off it. Bacteria is amazing.

So, they took this bacteria; did DNA analysis of it, found the segments of DNA difference from the original strain, and used that as the molecular bases to completely change and modify some of the proteins in the corn and make it able to live in weed killer. They used a "gene gun" to inject this DNA coding into corn and permanently change its nature.

Corn is now one of the most common food allergies, and that is because humans do not have proper enzymes to digest these new "bacterial proteins".
Stores are selling all sorts of "probiotics" for digestion to help with stomach pains gas and bloating.

Basically they are feeding us small doses of poison, because it is so profitable.

Now when you take blood from any other human, it cannot be used without having some devastating effects on your DNA,  your health and identity. People have had complete changes in personality and literally become someone else.

Many people have been put on long term immune suppressing drugs to offset the diseased blood cells from the donor. This, literally, leaves them open to all the infections in the donor blood. Here is a partial list of diseases carried in the blood of an average citizen the most common I will put in bold:

HIV, *HPV*, *HSV-1*, *HSV-2*, *HBV*, *Chicken pox*, *Hepatitis B*, *Hepatitis C*, Small pox, polio, lyme disease, malaria,

You see viral infections (live in host cells of your body) NEVER go away, they are held in check by your immune system and the immune cells of the donor blood. The host cells of these infections are blood in 99% of the cases and when a new infection enters your body in the form of foreign antibodies these antibodies can attack and do destroy your blood cells enter into your body and start destroying and living in your body for the rest of your life. If the donors blood has stronger antibodies than your blood, it literally sees your body and your blood cells as the "enemy" and goes after them. It can dominate for a while.
Many people die immediately simply because the blood is such a poison to your body. Most will die over time from the poisons in blood.

Don't forget cancer cells are in blood as well.  Is there anything good about taking blood?  I know there isn't!

In the mean time your DNA, the makeup or your "design" and "every aspect' of your existence and who you are has been changed permanently. You are literally not the same "soul" any longer. Jehovah wants to save your "soul" as it is and eventually restore you to health in the New Kingdom on earth if that is your hope.

This is why Jehovah says not to take on blood of any kind. It is a powerful agent for the destruction of your identity. It may keep your heart pumping but whose heart is it now? It can kill you as you, and make you not able to enter the Kingdom of God.

" A myriad of agents can potentially be transmitted through blood transfusions, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites."

Emotionalism, will not save you, your loved ones,  nor your children, . If your loved one has a choice of living forever in the new kingdom or living for a very short time in this system of things then dying forever, which would you choose for them? Everlasting life or suffering as a changed person until they die in this bad system.  And science has proven that taking blood is "Russian Roulette" with a four shot gun and three bullets.  It is a 75% to 80% (five shot revolver and 4 bullets) chance of death.

I would rather die as myself, with all the work I have done to remove as much desire, hate, lust, and sin from my body and mind, than to take on someone else's sins (genetic mutations and diseases) and not make it into the new system of eternal life.

Long after the diseased effects of blood enter your body, it can kill you as a direct result of the infusion of diseases from the donor.  There is no "clean" blood.

You either trust that Jehovah, the Creator of all life, knows what He is talking about or you don't and have no faith at all.

Because of Jehovah's Witnesses forcing doctors to wake up about the poisons and suffering of blood transfusions there is a HUGE movement to get away from this archaic and monstrous thing. The medical industry knows everything I have told you and the risks of taking blood to save your life are NOT worth it according to science. They know the molecular basis of how blood reacts in humans. You don't seem to have a clue and if you are a non scientist running on emotionalism , there is not much I can do for you.

Jehovah God, loves you and wants you to live in the New Kingdom.

Satan the god of disease, death and destruction and *emotionalism* wants you dead. That is his victory over Jehovah and over you ever having a chance at life.

Jehovah has you in his memory and knows his people. When you alter your DNA, he cannot recognize you.

Isaiah 48:17

17 This is what Jehovah says, your Repurchaser, the Holy One of Israel:
“I, Jehovah, am your God,
The One teaching you to benefit yourself,
The One guiding you in the way you should walk.

As it turns out, every aspect of Jehovah's laws for life are true on the molecular level. It is why I am a lover of God and the Bible. I spent over 15 years studying all the life sciences to discover that the Bible is absolutely accurate on all issues of health and human reproduction. That is what "sold" me on the Bible as the Word of God.

You will NEVER see today any medical blood work done without gloves. You will never seen anyone working with blood who is not fully covered to protect themselves, because the hazards are too many to even understand.

There are more than 17000 genetic diseases carried in Blood. There are at min 50 infections found in blood. There are antibodies of the donor that will destroy your blood. Yet you think this is a "good thing" and shows love to do this to your child?

There are now millions of Doctors who realize that BLOOD Is BAD, and have alternatives to Blood.

From recent reports on "Bloodless Surgery".

"Patients who declined transfusions but were treated with blood-conservation methods suffered fewer deaths, infections and other morbid outcomes than those who accepted donor blood and received standard care, a new Johns Hopkins study concluded."

"Mortality rates were almost fourfold lower in patients who declined allogeneic blood transfusions (ABT) but were treated with blood-conservation methods, or 0.7%, compared with 2.7% in patients who accepted transfusions, reported the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery in an upcoming paper in the journal Transfusion."

Blood-conservation measures ranged from iron supplements to autologous blood salvage, in which a patient’s blood is cleaned and cycled back into the body during surgery.

Other blood-conservation methods included the diagnosis and treatment of pre-hospital anemia, the reduction of intraoperative blood loss, and in-hospital use of IV iron and erythropoietin.


Top blood transfusion-related complication more common than previously reported
American Society of Anesthesiologists News, 12/18/2014

Two studies published in the January issue of Anesthesiology shed new light on the prevalence of transfusion–related acute lung injury (TRALI) and transfusion–associated circulatory overload (TACO), the number one and two leading causes of blood transfusion–related deaths in the United States. According to researchers, postoperative TRALI is significantly underreported and more common than previously thought, with an overall rate of 1.4 percent. While the rate of TACO was found to be on the decline, the risk to surgical patients remains high, at a rate of 4 percent, similar to previous TACO estimates in non–surgical patients.

Hospital patients who are Jehovah's Witnesses - who refuse blood transfusions on religious grounds - actually do better than other patients.

Professor Isbister said Jehovah's Witnesses were given better treatment by doctors trying to preserve their blood. As a result they had better survival rates, and shorter hospital and intensive care stays than people who received blood transfusions during surgery.


Blood transfusions during heart surgery increase risk of pneumonia
University of Michigan Health System, 01/29/2015

Higher volume of transfused blood further increases pneumonia risk. Patients who receive red blood cell transfusions during coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery are at an increased risk of developing pneumonia, according to an abstract released at the 51st Annual Meeting of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. “Patients should receive red blood cell transfusions based on clinical need,” Likosky said. “Surgical teams may have opportunities to reduce the need for transfusions among patients, thereby reducing the risk of secondary complications.” Likosky and colleagues examined data on 16,182 patients who underwent CABG surgery between 2011 and 2013 at any of the 33 hospitals participating in the Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons Quality Collaborative. Results showed that patients receiving one or two units of red blood cells had double the odds of developing pneumonia compared to patients not receiving transfusion, while those who received six units or more of red blood cells had 14–fold increased odds of developing pneumonia. The dose–dependent relationship was consistent across clinical subgroups and was not affected by other blood products, such as platelets.

Transfusion errors: Causes, incidence, and strategies for prevention Current Opinion in Anesthesiology, 11/11/2014  Review Article

Nuttall GA, et al. – Miss–transfusion of blood has become one of the leading causes of death related to blood transfusion. New technology is able to better prevent miss–transfusions than older methods. This review suggests that humans make errors. New technology can prevent those errors.

"Toxoplasmosis is not passed from person-to-person, except in instances of mother-to-child (congenital) transmission and blood transfusion or organ transplantation. People typically become infected by three principal routes of transmission".

Funny how Jehovah is always right!

Acts 15:29

29  to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, *from blood*, from what is strangled,and from sexual immorality. If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper. Good health to you!”

Note:  Strangling your animals for meat, insures the blood does not flow out.  It is the worst way to harvest animals. 

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  1. A myriad of agents can potentially be transmitted through blood transfusions, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.