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Idol Worship increases suffering

You do know that Jesus commanded us not to worship God with any statues, images, crosses or idols.  Jehovah went to great lengths to remove every speck of Jesus's body.  No DNA, no flesh to put in a box and worship. There are no photos, no drawings, not even a single image by any artist, nothing is left to "worship" on purpose, because we are to do this. There is also NO birthday so we would even want to worship a statue of a baby. Jehovah God is totally against emotionalism and pagan idol worship. 

If God wanted you to worship some molecules representing death (a dead man on a cross), he would have told you to do it. Why is worshiping a dead Jesus even something that is not distasteful to you, naturally? 
Jesus is alive and doing well, in God's Kingdom of Heaven right now.  He is trying to get people to stop following Satan's death worship as found in Christianity. 

John 4:23, 24
23  Nevertheless, the hour is coming, and it is now, when the true worshippers will worship the Father with spirit and truth, for indeed, the Father is looking for ones like these to worship him. 24  God is a Spirit, and those worshipping him must worship with spirit and truth.”

Worshipping images is pagan and is a form of emotionalism. Emotionalism according to science is the "problem" with humans. So don't promote emotions other than having compassion for one's self and others.  We are to simply have "agape" love or compassion, and love others like Jehovah loves us.  

Good: That which promotes Truth, Real Knowledge based on physical evidence, LIFE, strength, health, freedom and joy for living.

Evil: That which promotes intolerance of good morals and the love of rotten actions causing diseases, ignorance, diseases, weakness, suffering, fear and eventual extinction. Evil promotes more and more diseased babies suffering from delusional human greedy garbage beliefs. Evil = death. 

"Sins" are actions that promote more suffering and death. We inherit "sins" in the form of suffering and death contained in constant genetic degradation passed from one generation to the next and new mutations added constantly.

Human emotions evoke more emotions.  To "come out" (the definition of emote) from a human is to come out with sin. We have inherited sin in the form of compulsions, emotions and desires. When you worship with images your mind will pull out desires (sin) from within you. When you worship in spirit and truth, from pure knowledge it destroys those things that drag you down.  Grasping at images of Jesus is forbidden by Jesus.

Emotionalism is the opposite of Spirit and truth.  When you worship in spirit and truth it removes and eventually destroys emotionalism which is part of our diseased condition.   The more degraded a human becomes the more emotional compulsions control them.  Anger, lust, fear, neediness, worry, hate, are all "emotions" we want to destroy, not to continue to feed them.  This is why focus on images simply evokes really bad emotions. 

So, looking at a statue of Jesus, and his suffering does what to emotions?   It triggers them, feeds them and actually is very detrimental to spirit and truth.  Because seeing Jesus in one condition (suffering and bleeding on a cross) that does not even exist today increases your suffering.    It is like taking the emotional garbage can and continually opening it and feeding those bad emotions for no reason other than to keep you a slave to emotions.  Jesus is living in utter bliss and joy in Heaven with God for over 2000 years and He does not want you to worship any form of idol, statue, picture, or anything. 

It is a horrible thing to do to yourself to continually feed the garbage of human suffering, when we are living in God's Kingdom on earth. To prepare for God's Kingdom on Earth, you must be in a clean emotional condition free from human emotional mental garbage.  

Jesus only wants you to focus on his death once a year. It is to remind us of the sacrifice for our sins. 

We can see that setting humans free has cause Evil to be the main theme. We now have 1 in 42 baby boys born with Autism.

1 in 150 with congenital heart disease.

1 in 3 will die from cancer ages 14 to 64.
Heart disease, is up 1 in 8  but now people get plumbing jobs if they can afford it. 
Diabetes is up 366% in just 29 years.

And don't forget N.O.R.D statistics that 1 in 10 people suffer from lifelong genetic diseases requiring treatment for life.  And all of these diseases cost money to treat and will shorten life. 

According to the CDC all of these are genetic.

The fastest rising death rate is in babies 0 to 4 years old.

Over 30% of wanted pregnancies end in miscarriage.

50% of adult humans in "affluent countries" (min) are on drugs for mental diseases (EMOTIONS) and suffering from being at odds from the Truth.

According to medical doctors humans would not live past 15 to  25 years without medical aid.

Before medical with no treatments at all, we lived to about 35 (1600's). Take away our medicines and our vaccines, insulin, and high blood pressure drugs and we all dye young on average according to about 50 MD's I have had this discussion with we would live about 15- 25 years with massive death of children before the age of 10.

Apparently it was after the plague of the 1300's where half the population of Europe, the main world at that time died, people started to suffer enough to realize that "this isn't working". So they pulled out the bible and read the rules for health contained in there and things got radically better.

Then because humans are so forgetful we had the plague of the 1900's with the swine flue killing over 50,000,000 people.

We can clearly see that humans are so degraded and completely out of control so much so that they are killing their own babies with horrible diseases and believing that it is magical causes.

Funny but the Bible did say not to eat pigs nor to cultivate them. It turns out that pigs have a particular affinity to humans in that they have tissue where human viruses can be hosted and mutated then given back as horrible diseases.

So far every disease prevention teaching in the Bible has been proven to be absolutely correct that we have had molecular studies on, for people with no need for drugs nor vaccines at the time. All the rules were life preserving and genome preserving.

If you have questions on this I can show you ever detail of this evidence from medical science and compare it to the "rules".

Modern humans are degrading faster than ever. We are also becoming more and more emotional and lower intelligence according to recent DNA studies on ancient human specimens.

I think that humans have too much tolerance for evil on the planet and a horrible education system based on greed and feeding this system of economics and has no morals at all.

Let us not forget that Cancer is now the number one disease killer of babies to 15 years old. Second is genetic deformity, third is congenital heart disease.

And the death rate of babies 0 to 4 years old is the fastest rising death rate in the country.

So, if you support death and freedom to destroy life in the name of some ignorant cause, then your are intrinsically evil. Unfortunately all of us are inherently defective and therefor have evil in us. We run on compulsions, fear, lusts, desires, greed, and all those horrible emotions that are at the foundation of our destruction as a species.

Every human is defective and getting more defective with each generation.

According to: Sung Chun1, Justin C. Fay1,2*

1 Computational and Systems Biology Program, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America, 2 Department of Genetics and Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America:

"Evidence for Hitchhiking of Deleterious Mutations within the Human Genome"

According to this article of 1000 samples of human genomes, there is an average of 1000 deleterious mutations per person. Quote: "Each human is estimated to carry on the order of 1,000 deleterious mutations in their genome."

These are FIXED (permanent) in the reproductive process.

And we are gaining an average of 3 deleterious mutation per generation for the last 100 years and this has sped up to min 20 deleterious mutations per generation of out of control humans. 

We can see this easily in the fact that Cancer, a known genetic disease from over 400,000 DNA studies on this, has risen over 700% in 114 years. It has gone up 300% in just 40 years. In the UK skin cancer is the most common and it is pandemic. They also have 173% rise in breast cancer in 34 years.

Diabetes is up over 366% and according to the CDC 1 in 3 Americans are predictable and by 2050 at the present rate of rise 1 in 3 will be full blown diabetics. 

These are actual irrefutable facts that cannot be denied. 

The only thing you can do is to isolate your family from this diseased way of life. 

Find God and seek help. Without God, your life is meaningless.

I have found that many atheists when faced with reality will actually start to pray to God and find peace. There have been hundreds right here on youtube who have gotten free from the snares of the lies this world operates on. 

Do you want to be a part of this system of genetic suicide, early death, more and more babies suffering and dying from diseases that they keep having to find new names for?

Atheists seem to think that death is OK until their baby dies and they have a wake up call realizing that accepting death is not contained in the human heart, unless you are so degraded that you are a sociopath.

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