Friday, November 27, 2015


The guy they arrested in the school meeting was about his teen daughter's required reading of a pornographic book, describing all sorts of disgusting sex. He could not get them to acknowledge that as a parent he does not want the schools to promote diseased sex.

We now have some 1 in 3 teen girls infected with STD's, RIGHT NOW, this minute.

This is a human tragedy. STD's cause permanent infection in women and men cause problems with reproduction and cause fetal mutations.  When those viruses attack the reproductive cells you get mutated babies.

80% of humans are infected with HPV which is a cancer causing virus. It also causes mutations in your reproductive cells. HBV is also common in 1 out of 10 births.  There are some 34 STD's now and there is no protection against most of them. Touching, and sharing spit will do it.

We now have cancer as the number one disease killer of children and it is up some 300% in 40 years.

Childhood invasive cancer did not exist in the 1800's in any significant numbers; so rare that it was not documented. And it was only found to be cause of death in 1 in 45 adults in 1847 in Europe.

Now it is the cause of death in 1 in 3 people before the age of 64. (CDC)

All this is from infected reproduction.

The second deadly killer of children is mutated defects to organs and body parts. Often called birth defects.

Birth defects are caused by genetic deformity from infection and from a combination of two mutated and defective parents reproducing.

Those mutated parents (carriers of inherited diseases)  got if from their ancestors who had infected reproduction.

The third deadly killer of children is congenital heart diseases, obviously a genetic deformity caused by infected reproduction and to mutated people who carry the defect from inheriting it from their ancestors.

Their ancestors got it from infected reproduction. This is up over 200% in just the last 30 years.

We now have 1 in 9 children born with genetic diseases that will affect them for life and they need to be treated for life. And their lives will be shorter because of this.

The fastest rising death rate (after the fetus gets born) in the USA is children 1 to 4 years old. UP 4% per year.

It turns out that in the last 40 years each genetic diseases and deformity is up about 6% every 5 years and it is accelerating from the diseased lifestyle we now promote.

We have a constant number of STD's in the USA now of over 120,000,000 cases and it has been rising by 20,000,000 cases per year for over 12 years.

Another tragedy is the fact that 70% of wanted pregnancies end in miscarriage in the USA. This goes all the way from zygotes (fertilized eggs) that do not implant to 16 weeks of pregnancy and miscarriage. The fetuses are not viable from defects and diseases.

There was a study about this idea that woman's eggs get "bad" as the woman ages. That this was the cause of the chromosomal abnormality causing 47 chromosomes called mongoloid and autism.   It turns out that the eggs are not the issue. The 40 year old woman's eggs are just as healthy as the 13 year old.  The problem is the infections the woman has gained from sexual contact over the years has given her diseased viral infections at reproduction. And as she ages her immune system cannot stop the virus from mutating her babies.

The effects of this human genetic suicide are clear in the culture.

In 1914 less than 2% of high school seniors could not pass a graduation test in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History, and Civics.  Now 40% fail to pass.  And the academic standards are continually being reduced to match the mental retardation of the children, and still they can't teach them to read nor write after 12 years of school.

The clear results of this tragedy:

Women in the USA are dying about 5 years younger than their mothers.

And now doctors are so retarded they are killing more than 400,000 people a year from incompetence.  Death by Doctor is now the number 3 killer of people in the USA.  They lowered the standards in academia because they need doctors. The doctors who are teaching them are also more retarded, so they cannot see the students as being abnormal.  The norm is retardation. The are producing doctors as as fast as they can, because the 4 trillion dollar a year medical industry cannot function without them.
*Deaths by medical mistakes hit records*
400,000 people die each year from medical mistakes.

The fact that the medical industry is the fastest growing industry on the planet is just more evidence that humans are getting sicker and sicker from fetal diseases.

The CDC has issued a statement that there is no safe sex.  The only way to stop STD's is to have no sex.  The only other way to to have virgin marriage to an uninfected person and never cheat.  The problem is in finding an uninfected person, because these infections do not show symptoms until they are in second stages of development and then it is too late.

If 13 and 14 year old boys are having sex with their teachers and whores in the neighborhood, they are infected. Then they lie to their girlfriend about not having and STD (because they did not get tested) and infect her.  Same with girls. Girls are much more prone to infections because of how they are made.

  What we are watching is the total destruction of human life and intelligence by this process if infected reproduction. So, not only are we cultivating infected whores as daughters and telling them “it is good that they are whores”, these whores are the mothers of new fetal mutations.  These are the mother of our future, and they are so ill educated on sexual matters today. They cannot understand why their babies are so sick all the time and need to be taken to the doctor.

There is no hope at all for humans to do anything to stop or even reduce this rapid genetic degradation, because humans have never succeeded in stopping diseases, but rather they promote them by utter ignorance of science.  It is a negative feedback system, The more retarded the culture the more they destroy their own fetuses. And the whole culture is now greatly retarded.

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