Friday, June 28, 2013

Evolution Believers are Weird.

Evotards are what is called a religious fanatic brainwashed Evotards. This is from empirical studies on Evotards. It ain't like those magical mystical stories of Carl Sagan ( who died of a horrible genetic disease*, ironically.) It is interesting that late in life he came to his senses and realized that Evotards and all are weak and stupid humans as well.

He was weak and in love with his ideas, as most Evotards are. But unfortunately, he did not have the DNA evidence we have today that destroys "evolution". Once people are entrenched in a religious dogma and they teach it, there is no hope for them. Ego pride and other believers keep them in line to the religious dogma.

I am sorry for any retarded believer in evolution. You must have some awful compulsions or really stupid fantasies that control you.  When you easily surrendered all logic and reason it is only from and can only be from weakness and some love of fantasy and magic.

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."
"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." Albert Einstein

The whole basis of absolute objective morality is this:

Good: That which supports Truth, true knowledge, health, life and joy for living on this beautiful planet.

Evil: That which supports, ignorance (the common theme of mankind), suffering, diseases, and shorter lives with early death.

"Evotards are perverts who perverts science into a political religion based on faith, and teachers are paid shills for the religion of Evodelusionism.  Evodelusionism is the religion of atheists, politicians, whores, sex addicts, sex industry, academia (paid off by big business) socialists, liberals, criminals, perverts, pedophiles, sex trade,  drug pushers, bankers, Monsanto, BP etc, and big pharma (just loves this religion), the medical industry, and all the polluters and don't forget the Pope and Jimmy Swaggart. If I left your particular disease or greedy addiction off the list I apologize."
(Please help me to add to this list. I think I have covered all the Evotards but maybe I missed someone. )

Rising atheism is directly proportional to the rise of mental retardation from mutations. In other words intelligence seeks out complexity and sees intelligent design and construction of creatures as OBVIOUS and retards cannot comprehend complex ideas. "Dumb and Dumber: Study Says Humans Are Slowly Losing Their Smarts
Stanford geneticist, Dr. Gerald Crabtree says humans evolving into dumber species"

 Why is it is so important to you to continue your degraded lifestyle. Probably a sex addict, or religious Evotard from education, the most common use and types of Evodelusionism today. Evotard are so delusional they think they care about children and helping them.

I think you need to look at your family and friends.  Take a look at all the diseases that have afflicted them and look at YOUR friends with cancer and say to them: "See cancer is proof of humans evolving into better creatures".
"We can see, especially from the rapid rise of childhood cancer, that humans are getting better."  "We want all those people to suffer for our cause."  "Suffering and diseases are good according to medical science and the theory of evolution."  "How else are we going to get paid". " I teach and a university that trains doctors and if they have no sick people then I lose my job."

Unless you live under a rock and have no awareness at all, what I teach is friggin obvious.

And we can see that in the entire history of the HUGE medical industry they have never cured any diseases at all. They have developed treatments but those treatments are harmful and have horrible side effects.  ( I have a close friend who is an MD. and he certainly sees what I am talking about DAILY.)

Evotards are insane.  They are more proof (of my correct and well established from evidence theory) that people are screwed up and believe any crap that allows them to destroy themselves and all life on earth.  Evotards are representative of the delusional and the mentally ill, who cannot stand the reality of what they do. So, magical crap is the savior of the degraded human.

I really hope you can get free and find a way out of this suffering you live with.

*After suffering from myelodysplasia, and receiving three bone marrow transplants, Sagan died of pneumonia at the age of 62 at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, on December 20, 1996.[81] He was buried at Lakeview Cemetery in Ithaca, New York.[82]


  1. Evotards are what is called a religious fanatic brainwashed Evotards. This is from empirical studies on Evotards. It ain't like those magical mystical stories of Carl Sagan ( who died of a horrible genetic disease*, ironically.) It is interesting that late in life he came to his senses and realized that Evotards and all are weak and stupid humans as well."

    you mean like 99.9 percent of scientists.

    give it up creatards evolution is a fact and the theory of evolution explains the fact.

    1. "He was weak and in love with his ideas, as most Evotards are. But unfortunately, he did not have the DNA evidence we have today that destroys "evolution". Once people are entrenched in a religious dogma and they teach it, there is no hope for them. Ego pride and other believers keep them in line to the religious dogma."

    2. Carl Sagan was the poster child for genetic degradation, and yet he believed in magic. Most retarded people believe in magic and mystery as science.
      He was very ignorant.

  2. "give it up creatards evolution is a fact and the theory of evolution explains the fact."

    I'll bet you know absolutely nothing about science, genetics,or the "theory of evolution".

    I posted questions for you to answer that will get you free from this delusional religion that makes you into an asshole.
    Evotards use this sick religion to validate their disgusting behavior.

    1. evotards you mean 99,9% of scientists? /sigh i don't even know how to respond to your delusion.

    2. I don't believe in anything, yet Evotards believe in magical nonsense, and mystical processes. You must be very low intelligence to think that there is any evidence for any "improvements" to any creature. We see only genetic degradation in humans, the most studied creature of all time. We have tremendous rise in genetic diseases and deformity and yet you think we are evolving? WTF is wrong with people that they live in fantasy land and cannot deal with the reality of what humans have done to themselves and the earth. Blaming all the problems on magical random causes is bullshit. Only retards believe in such crap and call it science.

    3. You conveniently ignored all the compelling evidence of evolution in bacteria as they respond to the stresses we place upon them with antibiotics. Using a creature (human beings) where the time span between generations is (in developed nations because that's where most of the genetic "evidence" you were talking about has been gathered) about 20 years roughly is a pretty poor measure of the veracity of the theory of evolution. The human genome project (our most comprehensive source for information about the variety of things that can go wrong in the DNA of a human being..... which I suppose if you have any idea what you are talking about you would agree is a good starting point for when we could reliably say as you do that we are nothing but genetically degenerate animals) was completed in 2001. Which means that for about 60% of just ONE human generational cycle we have had the entire genome cataloged. Where as we can easily measure the entire genome of a bacteria now using modern technology (which happens to be significantly shorter than ours anyway) and then since we can get many hundreds of generations of bacteria in a very short period of time (days to weeks depending on the bacteria) this would be a much better "yard stick" for the veracity of the theory in question. Since evolution deals with changes in populations, and bacteria are clearly evolving in response to stresses placed on their populations by antibiotics... what verbal diarrhea would you use to counter said argument.... go for it.

    4. I have responded to every piece of evidence we have on "evolution" and bacteria is not showing any evolution.

  3. Being a user of services offered by an Australian broadband service provider, I am also a man of faith. For me, science and technology should not clash,. Instead, they should work together for the common good.

    1. Science and technology seems to work against humanity. The evidence is clear. The farther man drifts from understanding how frail we are the more diseases we have. How many mothers have to suffer from our ignorance. Science is not such a good thing in the hands of politicians.

    2. Well get off your fucking computer if science and technology are bothering you so much. Go live in a cave and shit in a hole. How many of your friends have gotten Polio, Dracunculiasis, or Yaws? Chances are you've never even heard of the second two. how many of your friends have died from influenza or whooping cough?? What about yellow fever??? Bubonic Plague? We discover more diseases, more diseases evolve. They don't just appear as some punishment from God or something.

    3. You are sort of stupid to use the "Not My Science" argument. It is one of the dumbest arguments of really stupid people. You think that "naming" some bullshit religion as science and telling people it should be included in a list of sciences makes it science. It just is more evidence of the desperation of Evotards.

      Medical science has never cured any diseases. They have treatments.

      You are very emotional about this and unable to have a rational discussion.
      This is because the Truth often is very disturbing to people who live in fantasy.

  4. Why are you so clearly full of hate and anger toward people that have different views to your own?

    1. Do you support more and more babies born with congentical and genetic diseases? That is the question.

      Please show me where helping people to get free from all false belief systems and religions is a bad thing?
      When something clearly and obvious is very bad for life on earth, then wouldn't you want to help people to get free from its delusions and how badly and misinformed people operate by following this sick religion?

      Humans are utter failures at protecting life on this earth. This is more of the same crap.

      Evodelusionism is a sick religion that clearly is detrimental to human life. If you don't understand this is because you don't have much information to work with.

      Start by reading:

  5. If you look again you will see that my question was 'Why are you so clearly full of hate and anger toward people that have different view to your own?'

  6. lol, you are a moron. You don't even understand evolution. You don't understand much that you rant about. I've read several of your pages and they have been great comic relief. Let's see, hmmmm beneficial genetic mutations.

    Sickle cell. that just destroyed your whole point about not having beneficial mutations. And oh not so wise crazy theist, if you can answer why sickle cell was beneficial, then you will have answered your own nonsense on your various blog pages

    1. Why snakes have no legs
    2. Why other homindae are similar but different than homo sapien sapien
    3. What natural selection really is
    4. what a niche is.
    5. what mDNA is

    Oh I could go on oh foolish little troll. lol. And stop hating so much. you have a lotof anger. come visit me, I will charge you cheap for your psycho analysis.

    1. 1. They degraded from lizards and lost fitness.
      2. Hominids are all degraded and went extinct leaving no trail of life afterwards.
      3/there is no natural selection, because there is no entity to select it. We can see from DNA evidence and all of the physical evidence that there is only genetic degradation leading to extinction.
      4/ it is a place where you put a light.
      5/ mDNA is one of the most degraded forms of DNA. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200 lost genes in mDNA.

      I suggest you stop being so easy to fool. Here are the question to get you free.

      1/Where is your absolutely irrefutable physical evidence showing that simple life has evolved into complex life? (Like humans evolved from a single cell or from fish) You CANNOT use any opinions from faith, no religious books using religious slogans. ONLY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

      2/Where is ONE verifiable beneficial mutation ever found in the human genome? (the most studied creature of all time.) Positive/beneficial mutation is that it must increase complexity NOT be associated with any disease, not be part of normal immune responses to pathogens and/or any of the following: 1/ add new genes with new functions 2/ increase health and fitness to survive 3/ increase intelligence.

      3/ RNA cannot make DNA without DNA to produce the original coding. They are simultaneously needed to produce eukaryotic life. There is no physical evidence of any RNA only creature making DNA. Where is your physical evidence of RNA only creatures developing into DNA to RNA creatures we see all over the earth?

      4/ It is impossible for the human immune system to evolve when the pathogens that destroy digest human cells already existed before the first "human" cell.
      It is impossible for any of the original life forms to exist based on this. The creatures needed to be built having an integrated immune system to deal with all pathogens and even radiation from sunlight that causes mutations and cancer cells that need to be destroyed.
      Cancer is an immune deficiency disease.
      Here is a video of how cancer cells are supposed to be destroyed by the immune system.
      Scientific Cure For Cancer Part 2

      5/ The huge (and rapidly growing) big pharma and the medical industry are evidence of what?

      A. How evolved and healthy we are?

      B. How degenerated and sickly we are?

      It is a simple question!

      6/ If life evolved from nothing for no reason, where did the concept of survival come from?
      With out this built in instructions nothing would survive. It has to be a compulsion to survive on a deep instinctual level. Therefor, it is designed in and cannot come from any magical random no reason from no cause. All I teach is what is obvious to anyone who has a brain to see.

  7. Still not answered my question I see. I'd like to bet that you've never even thought about why you are so full of hate. Do you even acknowledge it yourself? Do you really expect any intelligent person to take anything you "teach" seriously when your output is peppered with juvenile insults? The fact that you haven't even learned that this approach removes any and all credibility that you could possibly hope to attain, reveals that your judgement is way off. I would urge you to take up the offer of psycho analysis, deal with your glaring self esteem issues and your compulsion to belittle and insult will evaporate.

    1. I don't have any hate, except for ignorance. I hate ignorance because it causes a 4% rise in the death rate of babies.
      It causes cancer to be the number one disease killer of children.
      I causes 366% rise in diabetes in 29 years.
      It causes 200% rise in unborn babies born with brain and spinal tumors.
      It causes humans to suffer, mothers to wail in anguish as their babies die.

      You are really a stupid person.

  8. There are far more childhood cancers today because of the crap we put in our food, and into the atmosphere. Diesel fumes cause cancer, plastic food packaging is bad for us, especially if the plastic gets hot (Do not ever use plastic kettles!)
    If oily food comes in a plastic container, plastic comes from crude oil, so it is compatible with cooking oil and butter so infuses toxins into it.
    There is so much crap in our diet which we simply should not be eating, it is no wonder there are many cancers.
    Most of us drive cars, walk very little, watch too much TV, and spend too much time on smart phones and games consoles; the lack of exercise is also making us ill. The pharmaceutical companies love this; they make a fortune from us being ill.
    Satellite navigation in cars is making human minds weaker; soon there will be an entire generation of people who do not know their way round their own county. If you dumped them in a field with no smart phone, they’d be completely helpless.
    The bone structure of the human jaw tells us that by eating soft cooked foods, our lower jaws have become smaller and weaker, hence the over bite of front teeth. If you look at a human skull over 1000 years old, the incisors meet, and the lower jaw is far more robust.
    This is actually evolution working against us, if we do not use something nature has given us, we simply lose it. The human appendix is another example of an organ we no longer use which has now become totally useless.
    An ancestor of ostriches stopped flying for whatever reason; now its wings are useless for flying.
    Evolution is one tool in a very carefully chosen kit for which a creator has crafted our universe and this same tool can work against us if we continue our increasing dependence on technology.

    Evolution is a fact for which atheists like to use to justify their ideals because it disagrees with what can be read in the bible. The bible was written at a time when nothing was known about the origins of life but was written with the intention of guiding people to a moral life, that is why it is called a bible, some of the analogies were never meant to be taken as fact.
    Atheists use evolution in an attempt to deny the possibility of a creator. They do not want there to be a creator because they don't want to be accountable to anything. They want to continue being one of the bad guys this blogger describes without fear of retribution.
    Atheists love the ridiculous analogy of an infinity of monkeys at keyboards typing the entire works of William Shakespeare (In the correct order) to answer the question; “How did we get here?” but nowhere is there an infinity of monkeys at keyboards.

  9. Mark, the food is better now than in the 1930's. We know from about 400,000 peer studies on cancer that it is genetic.
    Having 200% rise in unborn babies with cancerous brain and spinal tumors is only more evidence of the degradation.
    1 in 8 women will get breast cancer. It is known to be inherited.
    1 in 3 people will die from cancer.
    It used to be 1 in 20 about 100 years ago.
    There is a 366% rise in diabetes in the USA in 29 years. Diabetes according to the experts on this say clearly that it is genetic with environmental triggers. That means is if you get a really bad flu that triggers it, it is because of your predisposition to the disease, and it runs in families.
    You just don't really know what you are talking about. The air is cleaner, the water is better, the food is better, yet cancer is destroying life at a phenomenal rate.

    We are degrading faster than ever.

    1. War against cancer
      Don't give ANY money to cancer charities, there has been a cure for cancer for 60 years. Big Pharma are deliberately supressing the cure so they can cut, burn and poison cancer out of you (with only a 5% success rate) and make a fortune out of their chemo drugs at the same time, while destroying your immune system via chemotherapy.
      In a nutshell, cancer turns out to be nothing more than a vitamin deficiency, just like scurvy was in the 17th century. The cause of scurvy was a lack of vitamin C. The cause of cancer is the lack of vitamin B17, chemically known as Amygdalin or Laetrile.

      Vitamin B17 can be found in the seeds of fruits and in some nuts too. The best can be found in apricot seeds, not the stone but the seed inside it.

      How it works
      The B17 molecule contains 2 units of sugar, 1 of benzaldehyde and 1 of cyanide.
      Now before you say that cyanide is highly toxic, remember that it is locked into the molecule and is harmless until it is released. In it’s normal state it is completely inert.
      There is only one substance that can unlock it’s toxicity and that is betaglucosidate, an enzyme found only in cancer cells.
      The cyanide and bezaldehyde are unlocked on contact with the betaglucosidate and they destroy the cancer cells, and only the cancer cells.

      There is another enzyme at work here called rhodanines which acts as a protecting enzyme, it has the ability to neutralize cyanide, turning it into by-products that are actually beneficial to health.

      It is a bio chemical process which not only destroys cancer cells but also nourishes and sustains non-cancerous cells, it’s an intricate mechanism of nature that simply couldn’t have been accidental.

      The Method
      Apricot seeds can be bought at health shops or online from many suppliers.
      Make sure that they are organically grown and not cooked or genetically modified.
      They are known as bitter apricot kernels.

      As a preventative take 1 or 2 teaspoons of ground apricot seeds in cereal, or in your preferred fruit juice, once a day. They may be eaten whole but are rather bitter as their name suggests. In cereal they taste like marzipan.
      For those with cancer, 2 teaspoons morning and evening by the same method.
      There are no side effects apart from a temporary deadening of the tongue if eaten in cereal.

      If possible NEVER take chemotherapy, it may damage or destroy the immune system and make recovery impossible.

      If caught in the early stages a cure may be possible within 5-6 weeks.

      There are reported cases of a cure even after a patient has been sent home by a hospital to await the inevitable. So don’t ever give up.
      I am not a doctor just an informed person who wishes to see no more people die of a preventable disease. Do your own research. Start with the link below. God bless you.


    2. I agree, NEVER donate to a cancer cure. Donate to places that do not tell you they "cure" anything but instead have treatments. Cancer research is a huge money maker. This is because people, in their hearts, want to live. If people really want to live then is the best place to learn about that.

      Cancer is not so simple. There are some cancers that respond to this treatment and others that do not. We all know of many famous people who did the apricot treatment and died and very young they died.

      Cancer is an immune deficiency disease. There is a bit more to it but that is the foundation of this disease.

      The immune system was designed by our Creator at the beginning of human existence to recognize bad cells and destroy them. Cancer cells are is as common as breathing air. It is the defective immune system that 1/ cannot recognize the cancer as being incorrect and 2/ does not have the immune strength to produce the lymphocytes/macrophages to destroy those cells.
      Here is a video showing that the only cure for cancer is for Jehovah's promise to restore out bodies so that cancer cells cannot live.

      I have seen people go into remission of cancer, simply by changing diet to clean, highly alkaline (low acid) foods that are low in tamasic character. If most modern diets of dead rotting meat in your digestive tract are using 80% of the immune systems "power" to keep you alive; then it is simply a matter of going after the greater "evil" verses the lesser "evil" of cancer cells that take more time to kill you. If your digestive tract was not full of infections, then your immune system would go after the cancer.