Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What is The Real History of Humans

You do not have any history past 6000 years, and that is full of errors because it wasn't written down until about 4000 years ago.   We have artifacts over 14,000 years old that show extreme technology in South America. Using lasers (because nothing can cut to that precision using a saw.) to cut large multi ton,  rocks and some form of "materials handling" that we have no clue how the moved those rocks and placed them with such precision, perfectly level, perfectly flat, and fit each stone perfectly next to each other stone.

There is ONLY genetic degradation leading to the extremely sickly, weak and stupid humans we are today.
We can't even paint detailed paintings as the masters of the 1400's could do. There is only degradation shown in EVERY DNA study on humans, (and in all the history we have on human achievements), we have today. That is empirical evidence that we can study in real life, not some rocks that look like ancient horses.  This DNA does not require much in the way of interpretation.  You just have to understand what it means even on a very basic course level of  knowledge to understand what it means.

Just looking at human achievements today, we don't have any real craftsmen any more.  We don't have any real fine artists any more, we have no buildings made today that will last for thousands of years, because all we do is use technology to cut costs, like a bunch of retards that we are today.  Our ancestors were intelligent enough to NOT want technology, and that may be because they saw the results of it.

DNA is the building blocks of our bodies.  It is the instructions that make EVERY PART of our bodies.  We can see a lot of diseases, ERV's, infections that have attacked our cells and degraded us.  It is not magic nor voodoo it is empirical absolutely irrefutable physical evidence.

But, what governments are going to tell you that their decisions and laws are the cause of the rapid rise in our suffering? So, in the classroom, they keep this evidence away, in the public they only talk about how long humans are living thanks to artificial means.  They talk about how many people with cancer live for an additional 5 years, anything to placate the masses while and so they can remain in power.

They don't' tell you that they are abject failures to use science for the sake of health.   Guess why?  Answer; MONEY, Power, PRESTIGE, and all that elite crap that they are so fearful of losing.  The fear of loss is the most powerful emotional motivation in people.

The first thing the lady PhD said was. If I convert and give up my tenure, "how am I going to pay my bills."
Paying her bills is far more important that the truth, obviously, and people tell the truth about themselves all the time, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO LISTEN.

Part of this stupidly is this utter egotistical crap that modern humans are more intelligent and live longer.

You will find that those who have spoken the truth about society are normally killed, defamed, destroyed, or put in prison, hung from a post in the public square, or as in China machine gunned down.

Chairman Mao used to never take baths and he used virgin girls to clean himself with.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is ABSOLUTELY no evidence that modern humans live longer IN COMPARISON TO OUR ANCESTORS WHO HAD NO MEDICAL, if you remove medical and technology.  According to several medical doctors I have chatted with, just like this, modern humans would not live past 25 years as a maximum with all the diseases we have and the condition of our weaknesses, including white skin as the most susceptible to cancer.

You see in order to perform scientific experiments you have to match the environment, and all the phenomenon around the experiment to see what the real results are.  We don't have any evidence of anyone living past 30 in the jungles with no medical even today.  Even the so called "indigenous" people are receiving medical aid today.

It is your utter ignorance and pride of your "generation" and not ever looking beyond your tiny perspective that gives rise to human's limited perspectives in science.

These fools even think that time is a fixed phenomenon.  How stupid is that?  We look at the universe with our stupid perspectives and have no clue about anything else, because we are so stupid.

It is described this way from many geniuses of the past who could see what is going on:

Science is like a man who discovered the "ladder" and got up on the top of his roof to get a better, scientific perspective, and now believes he completely understands the universe from his new perspective of 10 feet off the ground.

The problem is not the "ladder" but the fool who thinks he knows all there is to know. He begins to assimilate what he sees then makes up stories to tell others what his great scientific breakthrough has brought to humanity.

This is why we say that the fellow named "Saul Bull" is in charge of the earth and humans.

I hope that clears it up for you a bit.

Here is my basic science video based on the modern findings in particle science from Europe.

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