Friday, June 28, 2013

The HERE and NOW of Science today. What Is Evidence in Science

Here is how to interpret what Evidence is.

Embryology is still used by fools today as if is shows evolution.

Embryology has been debunked by academic scientists as a way to see evolution.
Only the old school mentally challenged people hang on to that garbage. The Heckles embryos were shown by actual examples to be fake drawings. Actual embryos do not look like that.  Embryos do not show any evolution.
Here is an accredited scientists telling about this lie:

And examining and making conclusions based on brainwashing is not science. It is a religious answer. There is no way to use any form of modern DNA testing to see any changes to DNA in any species except what we see TODAY. 

 What we see in the here and now, and not in Evodelusional magical religious past of "long long ago and far far away in the magical land of OZ" where  "one celled creatures became fish and fish eventually became humans, darn it! I know this is true because the (mental midgets and paid shills of the government) professors told me so. So there!



Evidence is:

*Physical, made of molecules, electrons, protons, neutrons, etc, in biology has cells, DNA etc. You know "stuff" in the physical world. Stuff that has no possibility of misinterpretation... interpretation from some comparison of DNA of other, even related, creatures and saying from religion (belief) that this creature's low condition represents how our new condition exists. Using animals that are going extinct or are extinct and saying we came from them? 

*Has no other alternative explanation. If someone has to hide the reality in some long winded pile of religious garbage rhetoric, it is not evidence. It cannot be explained other than by objective observation that this and only this is what is happening ALL the time. (like DNA only shows genetic degradation of all complex creatures.)

*Is irrefutable. Has no religious interpretations. 
Irrefutable means that no matter what it cannot be disproved. And every case where we see the same phenomenon it always responds and repeats the same way.

*Science is repeatable! Science is predictable! Science is testable!*

There is not one experiment using any form of positive selection causing increased complexity.  It has never happened.  It does not exist in nature. 

 Evodelusionism has never shown any repeats, because it is fantasy. Evolution has never shown any predictability because it is fantasy.  There is no such thing as simple life evolving into complex when every speck of evidence shows extinction as the end of this process. 

This is absolute because we do not see any form of any creature living today that has improved, gained in cells and those new cells have new purposes with new functions to increase health, fitness or improved intelligence. There IS ABSOLUTELY no indication whatsoever of any modern creature improving, gaining in any new cells, or gaining in intelligence. If it cannot be shown in the here and now it is religious human emotional mental garbage. 

*Does not need any indoctrination to understand it. (This is why I interpret the jargon on my articles as much as possible to remove the "magical" words used to hide the truth. I use common words so that all can see your BS, 'belief system' and religious views are nonsense. If you don't understand a word please ask. )

*Is obvious to those who have no religion and not indoctrinated at all. (Like me or a child who is free of your human emotional garbage, religious BS.) 

"The obvious is not obvious until it becomes obvious."

I really pity Evolutionists, science denialists, especially those who teach. The guilt that comes from the truth is too horrible for you to accept, because of all the lives you have adversely affected. Being a pawn of some government controlled by greed is a sad realization. Most weak humans will never look at themselves. 

You say you are FOR stopping the suffering of babies, but what you DO promotes it. IN ABSOLUTELY IRREFUTABLE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

We can easily see the rise in STD;s and in Cancer, Heart Diseases, and Birth deformity as caused by diseased parents having diseased babies and left wondering why? 

These ignorant young parents are relying on you to help them and you are doing the opposite by teaching magical causes and mystical processes to protect some "politically correct" agenda of modern degraded politics. 

Please stop embarrassing yourself and quit now and go away and do better.

You are forgiven when you realize how weak and stupid you have been, and go and "sin" no more.

How is it possible for you to produce NOT ONE single statement representing actual physical evidence, except this statement of genetic degradation in reptiles that led to snakes losing legs? WTF?

I got a post from an evolution professor showing that lizards and other squamates have lost legs and that shows "evolution".

Yes, it clearly shows genetic losses of features (legs) as the only path of evolution.. degradation leading to extinction. And why we see some 1.5 million creatures already degraded and extinct and some 47,000 creatures today on the endangered list.
This includes all the human genetic "cousins" who are representing the conditions of extreme genetic degradation of our "primate" lineage. This is the future of humans clearly shown in these degraded primates that are going extinct.

I am going to paraphrase your post for the lay people:

This is the Evotard Creed and basis of the Oath:

"We believe in evolution, ( We are brainwashed from an early age and prepared by TV, Carl Sagan, PBS, and cartoon shows, and our friends, peer pressure and parents force us to believe, because we are weak and cannot look at real evidence.) so we look for comparisons in creatures and project this fantasy on life. We use creatures that are sickly, going extinct and say they are representative of our prior condition. (When they are actually showing clearly the results of "evolution" which is sickness, weakness, and total inability to survive. The path that humans are on and are rapidly degrading now at the fastest rate in history.)

"We, accredited scientists  never look at the degraded condition of all the modern creatures and tell people what is real, because politicians would destroy our jobs and we would lose tenure. 

We are here as paid shills to produce any crap that will sell this, Evodelusionism to the public and not let anyone know how badly the government and the rich elite corporate owners are doing at protecting today's children from these rapidly rising diseases.

After all disease is good for business! $2,500,000,000,000 per year. ( UPATE: 4.8 Trillion now in 2018.)

If you counted one dollar per second it would take you 152,207 years (4.8 trillion per year) to count it. Just to give you an idea how much money is in this industry. (Please check my math, my calculator doesn't go into the trillions.)

"We don't ever look at the results of our actions and we attribute magical causes and mystical processes and sell that to the poor ignorant public."

To the Evotards who teach this crap and perpetuate lies on the public:

You are accountable to every student you have lied to, and your desperation is now showing.

Whatever you "experts" are doing is an abject failure to protect babies from diseases.  It is obvious.


  1. No one has come even close to creating life in the laboratory...

    Using the definition of "life" from abiogenesis, all abortions are murder...

    Evolution does not prove there is NO Great God...

    Everything else is reverse engineering...

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    1. There is NO evidence for evolution. There is only evidence of genetic degradation leading to extinction in every speck of physical evidence.

      Take some time and turn yourself into an Evidence ONLY based scientist. The evidence is clear. Humans are very close to extinction.

    2. Really nice to hear some TRUTH for a change. Great article.